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Notes specific to the Jaguar Guard: 06.06.22

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A note to our JAGuard families!


My name is Ida Musgrove. I am President of the band boosters and mother to Isabella who will be a junior in the guard next year. I am joined by Michelle Silva who serves on the executive board as our Guard Liaison and is mother to Caitlyn who will be a Sophomore next year and serves on the Guard Council. We both hope you are as excited for next year as we are!

If you aren't yet, then maybe this will get you excited: I have seen a mock up of the guard costumes and, while I will NOT spoil the surprise (so don't ask me ;-P). I can tell you that they are BEYOND AMAZING!! (and, yes, I think - while a completely different theme - they are even better than last year!!)

Once in awhile, when needed, we will send a special edition of the newsletter just for guard families. When we do, please read it! It is meant to be of help to you in supporting your guard student. These newsletters will include information important to making sure that your student is prepared both to perform and to stay healthy through the marching band season. (remember, "Band" includes Guard!)

And please stay engaged through the summer! The best way to stay up to date is to sync your calendars with the Band Calendar on the website, make sure your Charms info is up to date, and sign up for Remind 101. See how to do that below!

Love, Peace, and Color Guard,

Ida and Michelle

Mark Your Calendar: 1st GUARD PARENT Meeting!

GUARDians Meeting

Tuesday, June 21

6:30 - 8pm (towards the end of The Breakdown Camp - see reminder of info on camp below)

JHS Band hall

*As returning guard parents, we highly recommend that all fall 2022 guard students attend The Breakdown Camp! Not only is it very helpful, it is FREE! - Michelle S. and Ida

The Breakdown Camp

June 21 & 22nd

4 - 8pm @ JHS

*This camp is FREE for all JHS incoming 9th - 12th grade band and guard students. The $300 per student fee is covered by the JHS band.

Captains Corner

Hello and welcome to the Captain Corner! This section is written by Gabriella Tablante (senior) and Christian Rutherford (senior), the captains of the Moe and Gene Color Guard. We have been members of the guard for three years and have enjoyed every minute of it!

Thank you so much for being a part of our Moe and Gene Johnson color guard family. We are beyond excited to help your child grow and explore the color guard world. It’s a beautiful experience and we are glad you are along for the journey. Please know that we are always available to your student to answer any questions and concerns they may have.

We both are beyond excited we get to be the captains of the guard and get to work with our other IT’s (instructional team). Our instructional team consists of guard members of all grades. They are a huge help in guiding our teams and help us get things done quickly. Our ITs are :

Abby Dornbusch (senior)

Evelyn Pulido (senior)

Kade Flores (junior)

Caitlyn Silva (sophomore)

Jeslynn Johnston (sophomore)

Hannah Hallet (sophomore)

One of our goals as next year's captains is to introduce some new ideas and upgrades to the way our guard works and communicates in the future.

New ideas & reminders :

We will be starting a color guard google classroom where the guard members can go to find information more quickly and effectively. This link will be sent to your students sometime in the summer and we will make sure everyone is added to the classroom.

We also are starting something called spin camps. (See schedule below)They will take place on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 - 7pm. Whenever there is a spin camp your child will be notified in the GROUPME titled “IMPORTANT GC”. Most and all important information will be sent in this group chat. (so please make sure your guard student is checking it ;) )

That’s all for now! Thank you for taking time to be with us in the Captain's Corner ;).

Gabby and Christina

Color Guard Private Lessons with Mr. Washington

Mr. Washington is offering private lessons this summer on Mondays and Wednesdays. Times are flexible.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Mr. Washington at or leave a message with Mrs. Mendez at 512-268-8512 Ext. 44393.

Spin Days!

Dates and times:

Thursdays, 4-7pm: Focus on Rookies (also open for anyone else who wants to just come spin)

Fridays, 4-7pm: Focus on students with at least one year of guard experience - Rifle and Sabre camp (also open to anyone else who wants to just come spin)

There will also be Open Spin Days on Mondays & Wednesdays (times TBA once Mr. Washington schedules lessons)


As of this newsletter (6/7), we have submitted requests to use a gym but do not have a response from the Athletic Department yet as to whether or not we can. We will keep you updated should these locations change.

June 9 & 10 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

June 16 - 4pm-7pm Bandhall

June 17 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

June 23 & 24 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

June 30 & July 1 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

July 4-8 NO PRACTICE (Entire Campus Closed)

July 14 & 15 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

July 21 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria (Santa Clara Vanguard will be on campus this date

so there may be some overlap with facilities should they eat in cafeteria during this time)

July 22 – 4pm-7pm Foyer & Cafeteria

Stretch and Strength Building

Color Guard is a SPORT! So please make sure to get conditioned over the summer!

Shoulder / rotator cuff injuries are very common in guard work. This exercise will help strengthen that shoulder girdle and add some protection.

This exercise can be completed daily as part of your warm-up. Go slow and use control.

Here is a video to help!

  1. Keep the palm facing up as you rotate (THIS IS THE HARDEST PART) try your best to stand straight
  2. Start with light weight 1-2 pounds. Don't go heavier than 5 to start. Stand straight.
  3. Rotate inward for 5 reps then outward for 5 (this is 1 set). Stand straight.
  4. Complete 3 sets for each arm. Stand straight.
  5. Practice using a small paper plate to get form correct (FORM IS CRITICAL)
  6. Stand straight


Sync your calendar!

Go to:

Sync to this Google Calendar by clicking on the + symbol next to "Google Calendar" on the bottom right corner of this calendar.


This is the Band and Boosters main means of communication. Please make sure to update your information by logging in at: the school code is: JohnsonJaguarBand

After logging in, click RETURNING students. The password is your child’s Hays CISD Student ID#. It will ask you to create a new password at that point. Please feel free to use a password of your choice.

It is extremely important that you fill out as much as you can in the Adult and Student sections. Please know that the contact information is strictly contained within the Johnson Jaguar Band system and is not shared with any outside organizations. If you attempt to log into the system and are not successful using your child’s Hays CISD ID#, please email with your child’s name and ID number.

Remind 101 (Real time communications from Directors)

Directors send out real time information via Remind 101. Students and Parents are all invited to sign up. SIGN UP via the Remind 101 app or TEXT your class code to 81010.

During the fall marching season, announcements are sent out via the Band Remind 101. The Class code is @jagbandpts.

Mr. Duffy sometimes sends messages specifically to the guard via the JAGuard Remind 101. The Class code for the guard Remind 101 is @thejagway.

GroupMe (Real time communications between parents)

Have questions about game day? meal plans? schedules? This is the place to ask!

Each "section" will have a Parent Section Lead that will create a GroupMe. Here is where you can families can ask all of these questions! It is also a great forum to organize section get-togethers or practices!

We also invite extended family members (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents - ESPECIALLY those who volunteer!) to sign up.

It is very difficult for our volunteers and directors to keep up with Facebook exchanges. Therefore, we ask that questions be directed to the GroupMe. Thanks in advance!

Requirement before Volunteering in HaysCISD

Planning on Volunteering? Make sure you signup (or renew!) via the HaysCISD VIP system. You can find that at:

We still have the "prospective color guard" website page. You can find that on the website under "I am a..."