Mrs. Abbasi's 5th/6th Grade

Weekly Newsletter

February 12th, 2016

Dear Parents,


This week was the last week of UOI #3: How we Organize Ourselves. Students worked on exploring further the concept of microfinance, and how it has helped break the cycle of poverty for many people all over the world. Students worked on pre-writing an informative writing assignment about Microfinance.

Due to the snow day on Tuesday, and myself being sick two days this week, the Vocabulary Units 4-6 review test has been postponed to Tuesday, February 16th.

Next week, we will be beginning Unit 7 of Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary.

Next week we will be starting UOI#4 "How the World Works: An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment".

Central Idea

Change is a natural component of society and the world around us.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Change is quantified and qualified
  • Change is physical, biological, and transitional
  • Factors that lead to change
  • Recognizing Change around us

Just as reminder that the Central idea and Lines of Inquiry are explored in all subjects, including specials. All Science and Social Studies is taught within the UOI.

5th Grade Math

This week, we continued working on CCSS.Math.Content.5.MD.C.3 geometric measurement and understanding concepts of volume. Students continued to find the volume of different rectangular prisms and considered the relationship between the number of cubes that fill a prism and the dimension of the prism.

Students were faced with a real-world problem of working in a packaging factory and creating boxes to ship different quantities of packages. Students had to figure out how many packages of a particular shape would fit into a box.

Students also reviewed dividing a multi-digit number by a two-digit divisor.

It is very important for students to review multiplication and division facts. Students are expected to be fluent in multiplication facts to assist them with fractions, division, and algebra.

Please help your child to review facts regularly. Manga High has some fun games to help students build fluency. You may also choose to use flash cards or multiplication songs and raps.

6th Grade Math

This week, we continued working on Ratios & Proportional Relationships.

CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.1 Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students used tape diagrams to find an equivalent ratio when given the part-to-part ratio and the total of those two quantities. Students use tape diagrams to find an equivalent ratio when given the part-to-part ratio and the difference between those two quantities.
  • Students made the connection between the constant, c, in the definition of equivalent ratios and the value of the unit in the tape diagram used to solve ratio problems.
  • Students used tape diagrams to solve problems when given a ratio between two quantities and a change to those quantities that changes the ratio.

Unit 7 Vocabulary Words





















Students are encouraged to use vocabulary words in writing, as well as incorporate them in conversation. It is important for students to study the words regularly. You can also access games and other resources at

Other News, Upcoming Events & Reminders

Learner Profile Attribute of the Month: Open-Minded

Please encourage students to continue working on the LP passport.

LP attributes are part of the curriculum of an IB student. It is important for students to embody the attributes in all facets of their lives.

Passports are due on March 1st.

Six-Flags Reading Challenge

Students have been working on the Six-Flags Reading Challenge in school, and should continue to read regularly at home.

All completed reading logs will receive a free Six Flags ticket for the summer!

Completed logs are due by Friday, February 26th, insha Allah.

Newsela is a website featuring daily news and non-fiction articles at grade-level thats just right for each student. Each article follows with a quiz to test critical thinking and close reading. All articles are common core aligned and lead students toward a deeper examination of content through interactive annotations and editable written-response questions.

Students are assigned articles to read relevant to our UOI. Each student has his/her own account, and are expected to login and complete required assignments.

Students may also use the website for reading articles of interest. Check it out at

Manga High & Khan Academy

Students are assigned tasks on both sites on a regular basis. This aids in students reviewing concepts and developing fluency. However, many students aren't completing the assigned tasks in a timely manner, and are therefore unprepared for class.

Please remind your child to work on the assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Professional Day: School Closed for Students

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am