Candido Bido

The Painter of the Caribbean (1936-2011)

Who is he?

Candido Bido is a well-known dominican painter, he was always passionate about painting and being a representative of his culture and the people of the Caribbean. His paintings are an explosion of colours and round-shaped bodies. In his art-works the sun is a constant element. The combination of these elements, show his perspective of the world surrounding him. Bido is an expressionist but he also has fictional pieces which combine poetry and imagination of his own. In the motive of his paintings you can find a mix of myth, magic and colourful country side, all present in the caribbean countries.

A bit more about Candido

About Candido Bido

Candido Bido did not have much of an interest in mathematics or science but he was more involved with nature and people. This is why his paintings mostly focus on ordinary people and also animals.

Facts about Candido Bido:

1) Bido was born in the country side of Dominican Republic, from a very poor family.

2) He was a very traditional person, therefore he was very much involved with the culture and religeon.

3) His first art exhibition was in New York and he was also the first Dominican painter to present his works in France.

4) Bido started selling his paintings after Trujillo died. When Trujillo died it was a moment of "renaissance", since artist were able to sell and make more paintings like never before.

5) He was one of the biggest pioners of art, in the region.

6) Bido dedicated his life, to promoting the arts in Dominican Republic.


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