AVID Fall Exam

Kasadi Campbell January 11,2016 7th

Reflection 1

how I grow this semester was by me getting better at public speaking and. Also I got organization AVID improved me this year. In many ways.

Reflection 2

This semester I grow as a student by becoming more focused, organization, getting better grades. Avid strategies helped me this semester by have experience with talking in front of my class. Community service has impacted me by making me understand that some people cant buy everything and sometimes need help with things,

Reflection 3

Cornell notes have helped me with studying by making it easy for me because. I can understand my hand writing I cane understand the point of view. Avid was a lot more harded than I thought but it helped me become a better student.

Reflection 3

Public speaking was very difficult for me at the beginning of the year but. Now I can get in-front of my peers and read my story or call out the answer so everyone can hear the answer. not just the teacher but the whole class.

Reflection 4

Organization has impacted my life because it helps me know exactly where everything is and. If I need the paper I can find it very easy. Knowing where graded, homework, or my late work is I can find it.

Reflection 5

My writing skills could be a lot better but I have improved on them. I need to learn to do better introduction because. After that I can do the writing part okay. With only a bit of mistakes.

Reflection 6

I have not done a lot of school involvement this year because. I came later this year everything was already done for the most part. But by next year I hope to be in many more school involvements.

Anticipation 1

Next semester I will DO MY BEST!!! to turn all my work in on time and make better grades. Next semester will be better than this passed semester. All my work/ homework will be done with good grades on all of them to make me improve this new semester.