Identity Theft

By: Ashlyn Santos

What is Idenity Theft?

  1. Idenity theft is someone who steals a person's private information and or Idenity, usually for financial gain.

How can someone steal your Idenity?

The first thing that can get someone a step closer to stealing your Idenity is getting your social security number. They then can start using that social security number to buy stuff and cause the original owner to lose significant amount of money.

The effects of Idenity theft.

The effects of Idenity theft can cause finical problems, credit issues, benefit losses, and legal problems.

Who to contact if your Idenity is stolen?

If you suspect and see that you're losing money left and right quickly, you want to call 877-438-4338 and report the situation before it get worse!

How many People's Idenity get stolen?

According to the Crime Museum, Over 9 million Idenitys get stolen a year! Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States today.

Why does Idenity theft occur?

Idenity theft occurs because the person is most likely in need of money. They may not have any job or other way to get the money, so they'll try to take someone Idenity plus money so they can get done what they need to get done.
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