Letter from Montag

Futuristic Society

Dear citizens of 2016,

This is guy Montag; and I'm writing this letter to tell you that society will change; and not for the good for the bad. Technology will take over, we will be so empty minded that the walls will take control of us. In the future we burn books and education does not matter. I am trying to help you realize that the path we are going in now isn't a good one.

I once was all for burning books it brought me pleasure to book burns but now I strongly disagree with burning books. I am trying to help you understand although this seem cool its in this society nothing matters. Do you want to live in a world where nothing matters? I don't think so.

In the society I'm living in now teens kill other teens. Lives doesn't matter anymore; nothing matters. And that's where you come in I need you to change that I need you to, cut back on the use of technology read a book, write a story maybe a story about you; you never know it might change the world.

Sincerely, Guy Montag

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