President In The Early Years

How Was It Hard?

Where's The Army?

In 1789, the army America used to gain their freedom was disbanded because they couldn't afford it also the army could be used to take away their liberty. This made it very difficult for the president. He no longer had an army to battle against other forces and nations.


In 1792, George Washington decided to run for a second term. This was difficult for the president because there were other people that were determined to beat him and become the next president so he had to try to keep his title as Mr. President

What a Dilemma

In 1793, a war between Great Britain and France. They couldn't seem to come to an agreement. This was difficult for the president because he had to choose a side to fight on.

The Irritation

In 1803, Great Britain and France were still at war. They were irritating to the U.S because they were seizing every ship that was trading with their enemy. This was hard for the president because he had ships trading with them that were getting destroyed.