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December 10, 2021

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Girls in TECH Maker Faire

Girls in TECH Maker Faire

AT TAC, we organize many events with students, actively participating in off-campus events organized in Turkey during which we exhibit our projects and products. In this way, we help the development of student creativity, ability to work in a team, time management and problem solving skills.

This year, we hosted “Girls in Tech-Maker Faire” to promote an interest in girls in science and technology. The fair, held for the first time this year, was run by the students of Girls in Tech Clubs of Tarsus SEV Primary, Tarsus SEV Middle School and Tarsus American College.

Yasin Çiçek, the founder of Robotistan, opened the fair on Wednesday, December 8, with the Science and Technology Club students. Many different workshops featured products in 3D printing, airplane prototypes, Arduino, mBot, Microbit, LilyPad-like electronic circuits and components, computer software, electronic circuit use, smart home systems, woodwork etc. The students who participated in the workshops also looked for solutions to the global problems at the focus of the United Nations.

With such events, we hope to empower students in transferring the skills they develop in classes to real life and to promote production as a life-long habit.

Human Rights Advocacy by the Safe Space Club

TAC’s Safe Space Club, which consists of 13 students, led several awareness-raising activities during the Human Rights Week. The students exhibited their drawings in many areas of the campus.

Eylül, the grade 11 student who set up the club, emphasized that the stereotypes within the society are not limited to women, men or children, but many others exist. While drawing attention to these sterotyping and limiting beliefs, the club members aim to help those members of the community who are exposed to them feel accepted.

Mr. Trujillo, the Head of School, invited The Safe Space Club members to his room and thanked them for their work while club members had the opportunity to share the details of their work with Mr. Trujillo. Eylül was the spokesperson:

“In the past years, I have worked on violence against women and violence on social media, realizing that these issues found considerable audience among the teacher and student body of TAC. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to translate this idea into a club which would work on projects related to human rights. I thought that there might be other students who are interested in this subject like me, and decided that it would be best to have their involvement and contribution. What we have done so far is the first step and the beginning many things which we are planning to do. The drawings of our ideas were made by Hayat from the prep class. Our teacher Ms. Seed Trujillo has been a great support in our getting this far. On behalf of the club, I would like to express our gratitude to the school administration, which takes every suggestion into consideration and provides opportunities for their realization.”

Mr. Trujillo said that TAC values ​​projects around human rights, especially those related to women's empowerment, and is proud of all students for their endeavors.

Online Seminar on “Parenting a Teenager”

An online seminar titled “Parenting a Teenager” was offered to prep parents with the purpose of helping parents notice the physical and mental changes brought by adolescence, better understand the emotions of their children and establish positive interactions with them.

The event started with a presentation shared by Meryem Öztürk, guidance counselor responsible for prep students. After the presentation, there was room for questions, active participation of the parents and sharing of feelings and experiences. The presentation was attended by 39 parents.

Three Sports Victories in One Day

Tarsus American College, whose history is laden with sports achievements, was once again proud with the news of three wins on December 6, 2021. We congratulate our student athletes, who won their games in volleyball, basketball and football, promoting the school spirit in different sports in one day, and wish them continued success.

TAC Football Team

In the football game held at Fatih Anatolian High School, Tarsus American College won the game against Çukurova Kavram Koleji with a score of 8-6.

TAC Basketball Team

In the game scheduled in Mersin Edip Buran Sports Hall; Tarsus American College won by forfeit when the opponent was a no-show.

TAC Volleyball Team

In the volleyball game held in Tarsus Sports Hall, Tarsus American College won against Fatih Anatolian High School with a score of 2-0.

Table Tennis Success

In the first day qualifiers of the table tennis tournaments played at Mersin Servet Tazegül Sports Hall on Wednesday December 8, TAC’s Table Tennis Team played a highly robust game against its competition, qualifying to participate in the rounds of 16 as the leader. We congratulate TAC’s Table Tennis Team and wish them continued success.

Tarsus American College-İcel Anatolian High School: 3-2

Tarsus American College-Ulaştırma Hizmetleri MTAL: 3-0

Tarsus American College-Eyüp Aygar Anatolian High School: 3-1

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YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

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Weekly YKS Bulletin

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