Come to the Glaciated Region

By: Layci and Madi

The land in Kansas-

The soil in Kansas is unsurpassed. The farming in Kansas is fantastic. The crops grow wonderful and taste amazing. The land is flat and easy to plant in. The glaciers left behind layers of loess. That is good to plant crops in. SO COME TO KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come for more reasons

You should come to Kansas because you could have a lot of freedom. You can get your land and then grow whatever you want. You are also able to then sell your crops. We will use our railroads to help you get the supplies you need to grow crops. We will also transport your crops to places to help you out. You should also come because we have all the water in the world. You will never run out of water when you come to Kansas!

The Railroad

The railroads want you to come to Kansas. They will haul all of your things and your family members. When you are here they will haul your crops to the mills. Come to Kansas for the fast travel from the railroad.

One more reason to come to Kansas

You should come to Kansas because there is lots of candy here. We know how to make taffy and other items. We also have some Indians that would be glad to help you learn and live in our beautiful, happy, hilly, glaciated, tree filled, beautiful land. Come to Kansas and you will have the best time of your life. Have some samples of our candy now!!!!!!!!