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Special Announcement Update 9.9

New Deadline for Questionnaire is Friday, 9/11

Penn High School Intent To Return Questionnaire

Penn Families,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I continue to hear great feedback regarding our virtual start to the school year. Students are engaged and our teachers are doing a fabulous job delivering instruction with this new format. Thank you for your partnership during this time.

As you have been made aware through Dr. Thacker's communication, we are starting our return to in-person learning on September 22nd. We are excited to begin welcoming students back into the building. Please complete this Penn High School Intent To Return Questionnaire regarding your intentions for your child to return to school. Two options are offered. Please compete this form by September 4th. If we don't receive a response, we will assume your child will be returning per our in-person Hybrid schedule. Details concerning the Hybrid schedule are included in the questionnaire. All students will remain with their current teachers regardless of the option selected.

Virtual Learning and Instruction

Virtual learning will continue to be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous work. Virtual learning will vary depending on the courses your child has. Teachers will be starting class live with virtual learners but depending on what is planned for the day, teachers may assign virtual learners independent learning and asynchronous work. In addition, some teachers will keep virtual learners live with the class the entire time. It will depend on the activities planned. Either way, students at home receive the same curriculum but there might be times when a lab is planned in the classroom that is not feasible for the student to do at home. Will it be the exact same experience virtual learners are experiencing now? I think it is fair to say that at the beginning it will look different but as our teachers begin to get more comfortable with this platform, I envision virtual learners being a part of the in-person classroom for longer periods of time. Our teachers have grown tremendously in their ability to deliver instruction to virtual learners in the first few weeks of school. I am confident the experiences of our students will continue to improve as we navigate this school year.

Sample Student Schedule during Hybrid Model

  • All class periods will start with a live Google Meet where virtual students will connect with their teacher/class.

    • Teachers have the option to extend the live Google Meet portion of the class period if they desire to do so.

  • 30 minute late start will allow teachers to connect with virtual students needing live academic support.

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Return to Learn Plans

This document outlines our PHS Return to Learn safety protocols as it relates to arrival and dismissal procedures, passing periods, lunch and classroom instruction.

This document outlines the PHM Return to Learn district overview.

9th Grade and New Students

9th grade students and news students are invited to a Walk-Around beginning September 15th per the schedule below form 3:30-6:00 each night. Students will be able to walk the building and locate their classrooms. Please do your best to follow the schedule below organized by alphabet so we can maintain appropriate physical distancing inside the building. Students and their families must wear a mask at all times.

9/15: A-L

9/16: A-L

9/17: M-Z

9/18: M-Z

September 10th and 11th

Teachers will plan elearning lessons for September 10th and 11th. Assignments/videos will be posted by teachers. Teachers will be given dedicated time on these days to prepare their rooms for face to face instruction and participate in professional development.

Classrooms and Additional Safety Measures

With half of our student body attending on different days each week, this will reduce the overall capacity within our building and in classrooms. In addition, every teacher will be provided with a plexiglass teacher barrier to used as they deem appropriate. Also, each classroom will be outfitted with individual student barriers (picture included) to be utilized to support physical distancing and mitigate health and safety concerns.
Return to Learn Safety Modifications, Cleaning
Penn High School 50% and 75% Room Spacing


Per our Return to Learn plan, capacity in our cafeteria will be reduced. Students will be allow to pick their seats the first few days of school and will be assigned that seat for several weeks. We will be limiting capacity to four (4) students for each 12 foot table and two (2) students for each round table. In addition, we will eventually be adding plexiglass cafeteria dividers to each table. (not included in picture) Most students will be assigned to the cafeteria and some students will be assigned lunch in an alternate location in the building.
Return to Learn Safety Modifications, Food Service

Bus Information

Beginning September 7th, you can access infofinder for important information about bus pickup/drop-off times and locations. Parents must visit our website for this information as specific routing information will not be mailed home to parents this year.

Transportation Information


Return to Learn Safety Modifications, Transportation

Hybrid School Schedule

Specific details regarding our school schedule will be made available on Friday. The Hybrid in person instruction plan is as follows:

Mondays - All students will attend virtual instruction at home. Students will connect live with their classes. The school day will be from 8:25am - 3:17pm.

The in person school days (Tuesday-Friday) start time will be delayed by 30 minutes in order for teachers to connect with those students who have chosen virtual instruction. Bus schedule pick up times will be adjusted to accommodate for the later start.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Students with the last name beginning with A-L will attend in person instruction. As a result of the delay, drop off time will be at 8:35am and the in person school day will be from 8:55am - 3:17pm. Students with the last name beginning with M-Z will attend virtual instruction at home with the school day running from 8:25am - 3:17pm.

Thursdays and Fridays - Students with the last name beginning with M-Z will attend in person instruction. As a result of the delay, drop off time will be at 8:35am and the in person school day will be from 8:55am - 3:17pm. Students with the last name beginning with A-L will attend virtual instruction at home with the school day running from 8:25am - 3:17pm.

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