Sizes of Stars!

Our Sun's Size Compared to Others


Our sun's size: About 10 times the size of Jupiter!

Betelgeuse's size (another star "close" to us): 1000 times the size of the sun!

Proxima Centauri's size: About 1/2 the radius of our sun

As you can see from these 3 examples, there are a wide variety of sizes when it comes to stars, and this is also shown in other traits, such as brightness. Despite the other 2 stars having wide varieties in their comparison to the sun, it is right about in the middle in brightness, temperature and size.

Facts About our Favorite Star!

Distance from Earth: 93 million miles away!

-Also, it would take light about 8 minutes traveling at 186,000 miles/per sec. to reach the sun!

The surface temp is about 5,500 Celsius, definitely too hot to get near

Even the radius is ginormous, at around 432,000 miles across

Some Great Pictures

Thanks For Learning About the Sun!