Technology Double Shot!

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September 23, 2014

The SAS Technology Department

Saving the world, one computer at a time.

First Shot: Alt + Tab

Change your life with the stroke of two keys

Ever find yourself lost in a sea of too many open windows on your computer? Using the Alt and Tab keys together can be your life preserver!

You can try this RIGHT NOW.

1. Press and hold the "Alt" key (to the left of the space bar)

2. While still holding down "Alt" tap the "Tab" key once.

You should see a pop-up showing like this showing all the open windows you're using:

Big image
3. While still holding down the "Alt" key, keep tapping the "Tab" key until you get to the window you want to move to, and simply release the alt & tab keys. VOILA!

Want to move back? Just repeat the process! By quickly tapping alt+tab and then releasing, you can deftly move between two programs (it always defaults to the last window you were in).

This little trick will make you more efficient, and save you a few minutes in your overall lifetime.

Second Shot: What Learning Looks Like

It's messy (and that's ok)

As educators, we're forced to be agile. When the unexpected pops up we have to switch to Plan B, and in some cases drill down to Plans C, D, or E!

Similarly, our students are also moving through a process that often goes "off script".

However, it's often in these moments that some amazing connections and learning can take place.

This drawing explains what learning and success really looks like. It's the messiness in-between point A and point B that sometimes makes all the difference.

Big image

Hope you've enjoyed the Double Shot. More to come next week!