Megalodon is alive

Is the megalodon extinct

64 footer

Cape town, South Africa a picture was taken of a 64 foot megalodon shark proving they existance of this shark. Scientists are trying to find more proof but for now a picture will just have to do. But other spotings that have been proven to be fake are also getting a lot of attention. The real question has to be, is the megalodon shark extinct or is this 64 foot shark still roaming are waters waiting to get a quick bite.

Tuesday, May 17th, 7:30am

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Cape Town, WC

Megalodon likes wale

New threat in the water, and bigger than ever.

In 2013 on the south African coast a wale was killed on tape by a megalodon shark with a 6 foot dorsal fin sticking out of the water. And if this giant shark can kill a full grown wale than we had better watch out there is a new threat in the waters and it is bigger than ever.