Roaring Twenties

By: Barrinique Richardson and Asheera Horton


Nativism is the political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to claims of newcomers or immigrants. The nativist movement of the Ku Klux Klan opposed the increase of immigrants in american major cities an appealing trail to those in rural areas with little contact with foreigners and consequently a fear of this mass immigration.


Warren G Harding was elected the 29th president;served from1921 to 1923. His term followed WWI and campaign promising a "return to normality". In the 1920s the teapot dome became synonymous with the government corruption and the scandals arising of the administration of president Warren G Harding. Since then,the teapot dome has been use to symbolize the power and influence of oil companies in the american politics. The Kellogg Briand pact is a 1928 international agreement in the which signatory states promised not to use war to resolve conflicts of what nature of or of what origin they may be that arises among them.

Court Cases: 1920s

-The Red Scare was the fear of communist in american. 150,000 americans were accused of being communist when in reality there was very little. They were scared because president Mckinley was assassinated by a communist. In one day 6000 people were prison for" being a communist". No one argued the legal city of the arrest. When Nicola Sacco and Bartolome Vanzetti there was more complaints about it . They were known as communist and was in prison for 7 years then sent to the electric chair.

-Palmer Raids are a series of Raids by U.S department of justice to capture arrest and deport communists. November 1919 and january 1920 under leadership Attorney general Mitchell Palmer.

-Sacco and Vanzetti are communist who were convicted of murdering a guard and pay master.

-Schenk U United states was March 3, 1919. Freedom of speech was compromised. The U.S espionage act.

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Scopes Monkey Trial

John Scopes was a Tennessee teacher/educator found guilty of breaking the law by teaching evolution in 1925. Clarence Darrow was the lawyer for john scopes in Scope Monkey Trial. Williams Jennings Bryan, former presidential candidate ,who believed in the literal word of the bible. The outcome of the trial on July 21,1925 the Scopes monkey trail ends with a guilty verdict John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in school which was a violation of the Tennessee law.

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Innovations,Innovators and Culture

Jazz Age: Post World War I movement- Jazz music and African american tradition and white white emerged. it soon ended in the 1930's around the great depression.

Henry Ford: Founder of ford auto motives

Literature: the literature in 1920's were a break in traditions and introduction to new technologies.

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Ku Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan are a group of protestants who hated African Americans ,Jews,Catholics,drug dealers and other minorities. They act as terrorist and commit horrible crimes. They wear white pointed hats ,masks and probes to hide their identity. The klan is nationwide and has about 4 million members now in 1925.

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Political Cartoon: Scopes Monkey Trail

Symbolism: the monkeys symbolize the closed mindedness of the people during this time and they are also literal considering the evolution form monkeys to humans.

Exaggeration: Having monkeys being the head of a classroom

Labeling: the labels on the desk is directly telling what people were thinking about the idea of evolution.

Analogy: humans are considered smart and monkeys are considered not smart and them comparing humans to is almost an insult.

Irony: its ironic because people should want to be educated on evolution but instead everyone is close minded.

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