All about Austria

Austria, Sam Stacy

Learn all about the 7 pillars of social studies of Austria. This smore will inform you about the social studies of Austria.
Austria has a federal republic government. Heinz Fischer is the president and werner faymann is the chancellor. And they have a limited government. The citizens rights and responsibilities. They don't have much interaction with other countries. And its not one of the United Nations.

Austria currency is Euros, and 1 euro is equal to 1.11 US dollars. Austria's biggest trade partner is Germany. Austria's exports is dominated by machinery, equipments, motor vehicles, etc. And imports are metal goods, oil products, and foodstuffs. Their GDP per capita is 50,546.70 USD. They are the 19th richest country in the world.

You have to go to school for 9 years. They have public schools so people can just pay taxes to get into school. Women get reared the same as men and children get treated like they do in the US. The literacy rate is 98%. You can tell that it is a stable county. The ethnic groups are slovenes, croats, Hungarians. They had a big issue during WWI.

Their main religion is Roman Catholic this group is followed out by people without religious faith, Protestants, Muslims, and members of the christian Orthodox faith. Their main languages are German and Austrian German. Their flag has three equal horizontal bands red on the top and bottom and white in the middle. The Austrian triband is based on the coat of arms of the babenberg dynasty. The flag was readopted on may 1, 1945.

Austrians mainly celebrate the same holidays as USA such as Christmas and Easter. Austria celebrates about 200 festivals per year their is classical music festivals, easter festivals, etc.

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