would you go back?

"Would you visit your past if you could?"

I believe this journal was one of my best journals. I put much thought into the idea and thought a lot about the question. More so, there's many things I would change in my past, just so it could make me a better person. Most people believe that the mistakes you made, will make you in the future. But, to me I feel like my past is an old baby book that I can look at any time of my life and remember what I was like.

Dream Speech

My dream is to be successful in anything I do and to travel the world. My first goal is to get my license and a car before Junior year is over. I want to be able to drive anywhere I want to with out asking people for rides. My second goal is to get a job before my sophomore year is over. I'd like to pay a bill and not to depend on my family for money. My third goal is to go to Australia during my senior year. That's just one place in the world most common people don't think to go to. My fourth goal is to either become a model or join the military. Either or would work for me, as long as I'm doing something I enjoy. And lastly, my fifth goal is to get my own house or apartment, specially with a few friends. I'd love to wake up with out screaming being told what to do or to be surrounded by friends when I wake up.

What is worth fighting for?

When someone says the'll fight for something or someone, it doesn't always necessarily mean physical. Somewhere in this world theirs a person fighting for their life right now or even all day, every day. There's even people fighting diseases or fighting for love ones. If you care enough to worry then you shouldn't let it go. I believe if you love something, you should put your all into it and hope it lasts. For example, "The Rights t the Streets of Memphis" - Richard Wright. In that tale, a young boy had to learned to stand up for himself cause his father was out of the picture. His family needed food and every time he went to get it, he'll get beat up. Until, his mother told him to man up and fight for it. And when he did, he felt proud of himself. Not always you'll actually have to speak with your hands, but if it justify's the mean then so be it.

#thecomeup #glochallenge

This class made me realize to stop playing around and to start taking things seriously. This semester was easy for me. I already knew most of the things taught. At first, the class was interesting and fun to come to everyday. But as time passed everything seemed to bore me. Like the work was interesting and all we did in class is hear the teach explain all class. But for the most part I liked all group work activities and the book about that crazy dude. I really loved the journal or the school discussion as well, the whole difference with east coast and west coast schools.