Operation: Code Blue

Pumping 50 NEW TS into Team Pearl Gems!!

40% of a Stylists' Annual Income Is Earned in months October - December!! LET'S DO THIS!!!

The sirens are going off, the lights are flashing......your business is calling!!
CPR & Resusitation is in order to REVIVE your trunk show schedule!! Don't let it die now, your people need you NOW more than ever! It's HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON! They need YOU to help them get styled, pick out pieces for their holiday events, shop for people on their Christmas list!
Even if you've taken a break, the beauty of this business is you can always pick it back up when you want to!! It's FLEXIBLE and it's here when you want it!

Sounds like a "TRICK OR TREAT" INCENTIVE is just what the Doctor ordered!! It's not too early to talk "Halloween" when it involves 'treats'!
TRICK or TREAT GIVEAWAYS: Nespresso Coffee Machine, Holiday Collection piece, Statement piece or Bag of Your Choice, $100 Stella & Dot Gift Card, $100 Visa Gift Card, Business Supplies! READ ON for Details!!

Not a Trick, Just TREATS!

50 NEW Trunk Shows to Team Pearl Gems!!!! YES, I DID just say that!! WHOOOO'S IN??

INCENTIVE PERIOD: September 22nd running through to October 31st!!

ONE WHOLE MONTH to ADD 50 NEW Trunk Shows from NOW till November 30th!!

Here's how it will work: Pick your Treat Bag(s) & FILL it UP!!

Trick or Treat Bag 1:
  1. EXISTING October & November shows - 1 entry
  2. EVERY NEW October & November Show -2 entries

Nespresso Vertuo Line (value $300) !! YES, I have my own Nespresso and I LOVE it, I want you to have your own!!
When we hit 25 NEW shows, I'll draw for something fun! (your name goes back in for the GRAND PRIZE)
If we HIT 75 NEW SHOWS, I'll draw a second prize of a Statement Piece of YOUR CHOICE!

Trick or Treat Bag 2:

Every $500 in October Sales - 1 entry New Holiday Collection piece

Trick or Treat Bag 3:

Every New Stylist you sponsor - 1 entry for Statement piece or bag of your choice (up to $200 value)

Trick or Treat Bag 4:

Sell $5K in October - $100 Visa GC for you - automatically!

Trick or Treat Bag 5:

Hit *New* title of Associate Stylist in October for the first time - $100 S&D GC for you - automatically! (see comp plan or ask me)

The Fine Points:

  • Minimum 50 NEW trunk shows to be booked over the next 30 days for draw to take place!!! YES, It's a BIG number, but I know this team can do BIG things!!
  • Only IN-home trunk shows, vendor events & office shows count! Online TS do not count.
  • POST your EXISTING and NEW shows, sales, and newly sponsored stylists under the appropriate "Treat" bag on our FaceBook Pearl Gems page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pearlgemsstellaanddot/.
  • Must be entered into the Trunk Show System
  • Draws will be held on Nov. 1st.

Last November this AWESOME team booked 120 trunk shows just in the month of November!! I KNOW this can happen again!!
NOW is when you set the goals, tell the family what you're doing, hire the sitters, meal plan and just go BALLS OUT!!!!!

Shake IT OFF and MOVE ON!!!

You heard a no? SHAKE IT OFF
Get a cancellation? SHAKE IT OFF
Low sales at a show? SHAKE IT OFF
(I have had all of these the last few weeks)

Here's what helped me. SHAKE IT OFF.

Love this video...Fun!!!

Watch this before you call anyone if you need some mojo. I did 4 times already....

Go Team!

Let's all work together, as a team, to PUMP each other up, PUMP our businesses up, share ideas, roadblocks, failures, successes and kudos!! Join in on our Private Pearl Gems Facebook Team Page for ideas, discussions, problem solving, information, fun, & FLASH INCENTIVES!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pearlgemsstellaanddot/ This page is for ALL of YOU!! New or seasoned! Talk on there, have your voice heard, ask questions, find a pacing partner to team up with.

Even with 4 shows between October & November (60 days, 2 shows/month), that could be an EXTRA $1000 in your pocket AND more jewels that you'll earn for FREE!!! I'm here for you but there are SO many resources in our Stylist Lounge!

October Images to Share

Halloween Images to Share

Words to Say from a Seasoned Stylist

1. Warm Up 2. Follow Up. 3. Keep Following up. Done. Well sort of-I have a method that I use and I'll explain. I started this routine after Hoopla last year and had success, so I did it again this year.

Every Monday for the entire month of August, I mailed out 10 full size Lookbooks with a personalized note attached. Then the next week's Wednesday I started calling those 10 from the previous week's mailings. So, week 1 I didn't actually call, just mailed the books. Week 2 I mailed on Monday and called the folks from Week 1on Wednesday.

Now, what I do next is not my own idea. I heard it from Jessica when she was here in DC for a training last year.

The first time I call, if I don't get them, I simply hang up. No voicemail.

A few days later when I call for the second time, I leave a message. Michelle Cain asked me type what my voicemail says, so here it is.

"Hey Michele,
It’s Willow with Stella & Dot, I just wanted to follow-up and see what you thought of the lookbook I sent you last week. The new line is out and I’m itching to show it off to you. I had a really nice time chatting with you at Beth’s trunk show and honestly, I’d just love to get together with you! Give me a call back when you can, but honestly,
I know we’re all so busy with our to-do lists and back to school, so I’ll probably reach out again via email soon if I don’t hear from you. Hope all’s well and I’ll talk with you soon.."

Then when no one calls me back, because THEY NEVER HAVE, I email them. I usually do this about a week from when I left the message. Here's my most recent email. After reading it again I may tweak it and add a date or two, depending on the person or situation. Now notice that I referenced the voicemail that I left. That gets people to think "shoot, I meant to get back with her... I'd better reply to this email.."

"Hi Melissa,
I’m following up on a voicemail that I left recently. I wanted to reach out to you...
First, to see if you found a ton of items that you loved in the LookBook.
Second, to see if you would be interested in getting all your wish list items at 50% off or more. Fall is a fabulous time to shop as folks are changing up their wardrobes.
Last, I'm hiring! I'm looking for a fun, energetic gal that likes fashion and accessories and is looking for a flexible career.
Know someone?? If not you, I’d love a referral!

Hope to connect with you soon.
From this exercise so far, reaching out to a total of 36 people, I have 8 potential shows with folks that want to touch back in late September, one high school fundraiser, one potential preschool fundraiser, and 2 booked-just finalizing time and date, and 1 potential stylist.

And I still have about 4 people left to actually call for the second time. It's been forever and I should have done it a while back, but I'll say something like "what a crazy end of summer and start to the school year, I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to reach out" and just continue to the follow up from there.

Hope this helps ladies! GO book 'em!
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"A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish"!

I believe in you! I believe you can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough!
A small goal, is still a goal and it's YOUR goal, noone else's!!

Please reach out to me if you need support with your business!
xo Claudia