Kepler 452B- Naboo

New Earth


Diameter- 20,792.8016 kilometers

About 63% larger than Earth's diameter.

Length of day- 25 hours

No moons or rings circle surround 452b

a 180 pound man would weigh almost exactly 360 pounds on Kepler 452b

Gravitational Pull

The Gravitational pull on Kepler452b is 15.68Fg
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3 Facts of Kepler452b

-It is the smallest planet found in the habitable zone area.

-It has the closest characteristics of earth then any other found habitable planet.

-Kepler452's Star is over 2.5 billion years older then our sun

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Problems of Kepler452b

-It may be just a mountainous barren desert by now.

-The terrain is very mountainous and ridged which would make it hard to colonize.

-The planet is so far away that It'll Probably a one way trip


- In that case we would have to take plenty of water and ice to make sure we could survive.

- We would bring mountain climbing gear for the planet and multi terrain vehicle.

- Bring plenty of supplies to survive in Kepler452b