My Learning Style

Mary LLoyd Callicutt

The Visual Learner

I am a strong visual learner, which means I learn more by reading or seeing pictures. I focus more towards the front of the classroom with my flashcards or notebook in hand, ready to take notes. I can not learn by hearing things I actually have to see what the teacher is talking about. Being a visual learner, I try to keep everything organized and sometimes color code items. I enjoy colorful things and story's with rich details, that are easy to imagine.

Careers for The Visual Learner

  • Graphic Designer
  • Architectures
  • Engineers
  • Decorators or other art professions
  • Inventors
  • Navigators

The Bodily-Kinestheic Intelligence

I scored 92% in the Bodily-Kinestheic category. I love movement such as building things and sports, I enjoy being active. Even though I may be a visual learner, I would also like to touch things rather than just see them. I learn the best by conducting experiments or skits. Working with my hands is part of my enjoyment. I am a person that has a lot of physical energy, I like moving around in the classroom.

Career Choices for the Bodily-Kinestheic Learner

  • Dancer
  • Athletic Coach or Trainer
  • aerobics instructor
  • artist in painting
  • sculpture
  • or woodworking
  • factory work with moving systems
  • postal carrier
  • emergency rescue worker
  • police officer
  • military

Is this Information Accurate?

I strongly agree with the results of these two quizzes. I am a visual learner but I also like hands on work. As of right now I world like to be a teacher or an administrator. I could not find either of these careers in either learning style I have received. But there is some similar choices. A teacher requires a lot of physical energy for most, you've got to be enthusiastic. This ties in to the bodily-kinestheic. As a visual learner you tend to write a lot, as a teacher you write or type a ton.