Greedy, Selfish, Materialistic, and In Love With The Shrew.

In short Petruchio is a complete jerk.

He wants to be the control in his marriage.

The only reason he married the rude and outspoken Katherine (Kate), is because her father is rich!

His father Antonio has just died so he wants a wife with a large dowry to keep his life as comfortable as he can and his 'friend' Hortensio suggests the rich, beautiful, and mean Katherine. Who has a younger sister that has possible suitors lined up. And like the greedy man the Petruchio is he choose's to marry her regardless of all the nonsense he hears about her.

The Marriage.

Not only is Petruchio rude and a little sarcastic, he is capable of loving Kate. He wants to a happy marriage, and encourages her that their marriage is better than her old life and a bitter shrew.

He Wants Her Money So He Devises A Plan With His Friends.

There is a twist in this whole marriage thing.

The Plan

Bianca is the younger sister and she can not get married until Katherine gets married first. So Petruchio and his gang of friends help Katherine marry Petruchio so they have the chance to be suitors for Bianca. In the end Bianca doesn't marry any of those three men, but Katherine and Petruchio wed.

Katherine and Petruchio

They end up falling in love and having a happy marriage even though they have extreme personalities. As they go to dinner with a few of their friends the men propose a bet of which wife is more loyal, and in a strange twist of things the loyal one is Katherine who goes to Petruchio when he calls for her. This marriage could be a disastrous time or a beautiful nightmare.