Information Technology 1& 2

Advisory Committee Meeting


  1. William McCully - Winston Web News
  2. Teressa Ward- Yarbrough's Garden Center
  3. Kenneth R. Morris- City of Louisville Engineer
  4. L.M. Claiborne- Louisville Chief of Police
  5. Elizabeth Pollard- Deputy Chancery Clerk
  6. Johnnie Haynes- Chief of the City of Louisville Fire Department

Minutes of Meeting and Recommendations from Committee Members

October 4, 2016

  • Preparing students for college and career pathways
  • Technology (1-1 at EMS positives/negatives)
  • Deeper knowledge and exposure to local careers (Career Clusters)
  • Allowing the students a closer look into local careers - filed observations
  • Website- TSA
  • Weebly- Free website for the students to create for school clubs
  • GAFE- Google Apps For Education