The Company Nike

By: Alexis Wagner

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Introducing Nike

Nike is very well known like Adidas, Apple, Samsung, McDonald's, Microsoft, and Under Armor. Nike was created and founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964. It was a new edition to the world. But by 2015, there were over 49,730 stores worldwide!!

The Company and It's Owners

Nike, it's known by the slogan "Just Do It". The slogan and the company was created by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. They created Nike on January 25th, 1964 in Portland, Oregon. Bill Bowerman had put advertisements up around town. The ads seemed to work. They soon traveled to more places like Chicago, New Orleans, and New York City. Bill Bowerman had decided to move to New York to sell some clothes. Lucky enough, Phil Knight was his first customer. That's when the 2 men decided to work on making Nike one of the best known companies ever. By 1980 there were already 486 stores nation wide.

Nike Products

Nike sells clothes, shoes (mostly known for their shoes), and bags. They also compete with Under Armor, Adidas, and other shoe stores. According to 67% of people agree that Nike has the most comforting apparel. Nike uses memory foam to create squishy and comforting souls on their shoes and they use 54% polyester in their clothes to make them comfy.

Nike Locations and Stores

According to there are over 49,760 Nike retail stores worldwide. Some include here in Bloomington, 59 stores in Missouri, 32 in New York City, 127 in California, and many more. All though there are Nike stores, to get Nike products you don't have to go to a Nike store. You can buy a new pair of Nike shoes at your local Target. Maybe some new Nike t-shirts from Walmart. Or Nike headbands and sweats from Kohl's. There are so many places that sell Nike products, it doesn't have to be specifically from a Nike store. Or you can order some new Nike apparel at