Marine and Ocean Engineering

Michael Sobieski

What is it?

Marine and Ocean Engineering involves designing, constructing, and maintaining structures or machines that operate in or near water. It drew my attention because I have always loved water, whether it be the ocean, a lake, or even a pond. Additionally, I feel very passionate about engineering and hope to major in it. Naturally, a mix of those two things is quite interesting to me.


According to the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting off salary for a marine and ocean engineer is around $64,440 a year. Towards the top of the normal amount is $110,370 a year. Of course there are fluctuations in some engineers salaries due to different jobs, but those are the averages.

To-Do List for Marine and Ocean Engineers

Normal jobs for engineers in this field include:

-Designing and building a variety of ships, ranging from small yachts and fishing boats all the way to submarines and aircraft carriers.

-Designing on-boat systems including

-Steering/Control Systems

-Propulsion Systems (engines)

-Mechanical/Electrical Systems

-Maintaining the above mentioned systems on boats or structures.

-Designing marine structures such as oil rigs

Education Required

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in order to work in this field one must first obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering. After graduation, several years of professional experience is needed before taking the licensure exam to become a professional engineer. Passing this exam is required for all marine engineers who provide services to the public. Also, many engineers can obtain the U.S. coast guards mariner's License.

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