the same person


Viola is a daughter and a sister to a nice wealthy family who would always look after her. She is smart, determined and a little slow at time."thou shall present me as an eunuch to him"(I.ii.53). Even though she is alone she comes up with a plan to support herself. She is a strong independent women.

Viola comes from a divorced family and has a passion for soccer. She is seen as role model even after the girls soccer team was cut in her old school(She the Man). That didn't stop her from not playing. She kept going not even pretending to be her brother stopped her.


Viola is a female so she has many disadvantages she cant find work as easily as men. So this forces her to disguise herself as Cesario." That were hard to compass. Because she will admit no kind of suit"(I.ii. 41-42). The only job available was for a male so Viola took things in her own hands. For her to portend that she is a guy is hard because she has to act and be a man.

Viola was discriminated for being a girl wanting to join the guys team. In She the Man Viola was talking to the couch about joining the boys soccer team. And the guys the team didn't let her because shh is a girl( She the Man). She was treated unfair due to her gender. She was seen unequal to the boys.


Viola is view as out standing and hard working. She works her way up no matter what gets in her way. "If the duke continue these favors towards you, Cesario, you are like to be much advanced. He hath known you but three days, and already you are no stranger"(I.iv.1-3). Viola works had to get what she wants. And due to that she i respected by others.

Viola in She the man she is view as weird and full of surprising. During the movie when she was acting to be her brother she was acting weird and strange but surprise them when she got her friends to hit on her( She the Man). Viola doesn't really care whether or not people like her. She just want to get what she wants which is to win the game.

Similarities and Differences (Twelfth Night)

Viola and I similar in many ways like we both hard working to get what we want. Also we like someone we cant get, Lastly we trick people without meaning to.

Viola and I have are difference she is bolder than I am. I could never disguise or pretend to be a boy i would get caught very easily. Also she has a motivation that drives her to do thing most people do not have.

Similarities and Differences ( She the Man)

Viola and I are similar because we do what to reach our goal. Also we don't let people get in our way or get us down. We put effort in to what we start. Other way we are both weird and silly.

Viola and I are different because we have different passion. Viola like soccer and goes all the way for that but I have a strong passion for music. Also she comes from a divorced family and i do not. She has courage to talk to people she doesn't even know. Unlike me I can even talk to people that i sit next to in class