Erie Canal

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On October 25, 1825, the entire length of the Erie Canal was complete. The canal consisted of 85 locks to manage a 500 foot (150 meter) rise in elevation from the Hudson River to Buffalo. The canal was 363 miles (584 kilometers) long, 40 feet (12m) wide, and 4 feet deep (1.2m). Overhead aqueducts were used to allow streams to cross the canal
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What Year Was it Invented

It was not until 1808 that the state legislature funded a survey for a canal that would connect to Lake Erie. Finally, on July 4, 1817, Governor Dewitt Clinton broke ground for the construction of the canal

The Product

Erie Canal is inn New York that ran about 363 miles from New York, to the Hudson River to Buffalo, New York, at Lake Erie, at the time completing a water route from NYC and the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes. The canal contains 36 locks and a total elevation of 565 ft. and is widely regarded a reason that New York eclipsed Philadelphia as the largest city and port on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

First proposed in 1807, it was under construction from 1817 to 1825 when it opened on October 26, 1825. In a time when goods were limited to pack animals (an eighth-ton [250 pounds, and there were no steamships or railways, water was the most cost-effective way to ship bulk goods of any kind going back to the earliest days of record history.Its an easy and cheap way to travel and ship imports and exports across the canal.