The Sea Explorer

By: Allison Xie

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an Explorer. He even had a mission ,but he had to do it four times. Even though he did not complete his mission at least he never gave up and his mission was to find a passage to the northeast of Russia.

On Henry's first try, Henry was on his ship, Hopewell. He sailed up north and the coast of Greenland and to an island called Spitsbergen, he searched for two months but hit a block of ice he was trying to get past it ,but eventually he had to turn back.

On Henry's second try, Henry has set sailed again on the Hopewell and still hope to find a secret passage to the northeast over Russia. He made it to an island called Novaya Zemlya, located far to the north of Russia, but for some reason he saw another block of ice so he had to turn back again.

On Henry's third try, Henry's first and second try was funded by the Muscovy Company, but now the Muscovy Company lost hope. Then Henry went to the Dutch and soon have another ship called the Half Moon financed by the Dutch East India Company. They told Henry to give it another try to find a passage around Russia.

On Henry's last try, Henry got sponsored by the Virginia Company, he set sailed to North America.

Henry's Death, Henry maybe died because he starved to death or froze to death while traveling North America, nobody knows.