Darkling Bettle



The darkling beetle has a life cycle. It is very simple, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Some are born in spring and same in fall. When larva get to big they molt.


Darkling beetle are tiny. They are 2 inches. They look very small. There are also beetles that are larger than a mans fist. Some beetles are smaller then a period.


Beetles like to eat fruit and vegetables. They like to eat bran, potatoes, and apples. Beetles hunt for there food in the wild to survive. Larva eat more in that stage than when its a beetle.


There are many different shapes and sizes. They have very hard skin. They have large eyes. They have three main body parts the head, thorax, and abdomen. They have a exoskeleton that protects their body. They have 2 pairs of wings.

Fun Facts

There are lots of fun facts about insects. Beetles sometimes have horns to fight. Larva molt about 3 times. Larva can eat other insects like snails. People use large beetles to make soup. Some beetles make noise to scare there predators.