Rich Hill

Katie Thontlin

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Defining the Purpose

The purpose of Rich Hill was to uncover the lives of three boys who live in poverty in Rich Hill, Missouri. This film described what life is like living in a low income family and not having much at all. It showed how although the three boys had very little they made it work and lived their lives to the fullest.

Achieving the Purpose

In the film the producers achieved the purpose of their film by the music that they used. In some parts of the movie they put in music where it made sense, such as when a sad part was happening or about to happen they used depressed and dark music. Another technique that was used was when they did close ups of the someone talking. This helped get a better image of what they looked like and it was easier to see the expressions that were on their faces. Specifically the producers did a good job at getting the houses and environment around the boys on video. Besides the documentary being based on their lives the boys played a huge role in getting the message of the film across because their attitude towards things helped by showing that sometimes they get angry and sometimes they don't like the way they live but they definitely show that although they live in poverty, they still choose make the best of it.


The directors of the documentary did a good job at showing the lives of the three boys because nothing was sugar coated and they showed how they lived, who and what surrounded them, and the way they acted.


This film did an excellent job at revealing the lives of the three boys . Between the techniques they used and the music it all flowed together nicely. As a viewer, the impact that this film had on me was that it made me realize more that there were people in the world who don't live perfect lives and have to fight for what they have. It has also changed my mind about judging people before you get to know them because these boys seem like they live great lives when you look at them but after you watch and listen to what they endure then you really understand how hard they actually have it.