The Shining Diamonds!

Crazy Awesome Month!

Hello Team!!

This is a time for celebration! This is OUR MONTH! Girls...I can't even begin to explain how amazing the SHINING DIAMONDS are! We are now a DIRECTOR TEAM!!!!!!!!! This is huge...this is fabulous....this is all because of YOU!

As I sit hear and think of what to write about May and how to inspire you to go for goals in June...I am at a loss for words. Right now....our team is just on FIRE! There is nothing I can say to you to help you book, sponsor, or sell. Just look around...look at your fellow stylists and be INSPIRED by them! Whether someone qualifies, hits their 30% commission, stellar seller, beats their best month, sponsors, or PROMOTES...this is what you should look at and say to yourself..."Damn....that's awesome and damn, I want to do that too!" :) This is what I think every day of every month! I look at YOU and YOU inspire ME to keep going! I see our team working together, sharing ideas and just having FUN! This is what it is all about and this is why I love Stella and Dot!

So all I can say for June....is give it your best shot! Go for your personal best! REACH HIGH and for the STARS! Guess what? I bet you'll surprise yourself and have a whole lot of fun doing it too!

Love the Stella SPIRIT in each and everyone of YOU!

Thank YOU for making this team SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND!

Stef xo


Shannon Burgwald, STAR STYLIST!

SO excited to announce the promotion of Shannon and her team to STAR !! This team rallied together (all 5 of them---now 7!) for an entire month! They had a goal and they stuck with it! They knew the odds were stacked against them, but that didn't get them down! WHY?? Because, they have Shannon...their sweet, gentle, amazingly inspiring LEADER! Who could say no to her?? :)

Shannon has been a stylist for two years and I knew when she started that she was going to be a STAR! Sure..she has had ups and downs (ask her about them!!), but again, the reason she is now a STAR STYLIST is because she never gave up. She knew that when she was in that valley we all know well, she would climb up and SHINE! Yes, it took lots of work, but that is who Shannon is! She sets herself up for a challenge and doesn't look back! As you know...she did the same in the fall and won herself a TRIP to the BRONX to help re-build a school with Jessica and the gang!

I am so thrilled and beyond grateful to know you, Shannon! You deserve this promotion and we all can't wait to celebrate with you in July at HOOPLA!


Suzy Albert, STAR STYLIST!

I am so excited to announce the the title of STAR stylist to Suzy! Wow! I don't even know what to say...but don't mess with this fearless leader! LOL! She is determined and when she is going for a challenge, she is IN 100% !!! Her team adores and LOVES her and they do anything she asks! They rallied all month long...booked more shows, sold on the go, and even set up at salons the past two days! They made goals, adjusted them when needed and GOT IT DONE! Even after they were a STAR team...her team continued to collect orders! That's just who they are...they are the Pretty Flamingos and their FLOCK STICKS TOGETHER! :)

Suzy was one of those fabulous "referrals" we all get here and there that actually panned out! She saw my "fan page" through a mutual friend, asked me questions, I sent her a look book and BOOM! She was SOLD and signed up shortly after! This was two years ago and since that day, she has never looked back. Just like Shannon, she has had many ups and downs (all leaders do!!!) and overcame so many objections and obstacles! After Hoopla last summer, she decided that this was HER year and by next Hoopla, she would be wearing her red shoes! She pushed hard, started sponsoring and building her DREAM team! She has never looked back! She is on a roll and has big plans for her team! (you Flamingos better watch out! LOL)

I am so proud of you Suzy! You are loved by your team, your leaders and everyone that knows you! Congrats, my friend!!! Cheers to YOU!


June NEWS!

As we start out this awesome month.....take a peek in the lounge!! The company has SO many rewards in place for hostesses, customers, and stylists starting TODAY!!!!

1. Hostess Bonus Days... an extra $50 for hostesses over $500 (4 orders)

2. Dot Dollars... customers get $25 for every $50 they sell to use July 3-11
3. Sponsor special- EXTRA $100 in product credit for new stylists!
4. FREE PRODUCT CREDIT! For every $1000 you sell, you'll earn $100 in credit! Plus, sponsor and when they hit JS, you get $100 in credit!

What's YOUR goal??

Mine?? I want to sell $5000, sponsor 2 and earn $700 in product credit! I also will hit my consistency bonus (April, May, June qualifying) to earn an extra $100 and also an extra $100 for Stellar Seller....that's a total of $900 in CREDIT that I will use on the NEW FALL LINE in July! If you know me, I don't like to pay full price for any samples...I go for the FREE!

Can I tell you a secret though?? I love my goal, but this is a tough mountain to climb this month as I only have 1 in-home trunk show! Yes, ONE show!!!!!! Plus, I am away in Disney with family (courtesy of my little blue card!) one week as well as lots of family plans. SO...this is going to be hard! I plan on BLITZING on MONDAY NIGHT! (details will go out tomorrow!) and booking at least 3 more shows!

You can do whatever your heart desires for JUNE! I would love to hear your GOAL! Post to our Facebook Page!!! We will cheer you on and work together.

I hope by stating my goal, this will motivate you to also do this with me...have your best month and BOOK!!! Earn those FREE credits and feel so so great!!!

Cheers to YOU...now onto our sales for May!! Look at these incredible numbers! KUDOS TO ALL these ladies for QUALIFYING! (sell $500 +)



Shannon Burgwald USA VA $7,528.45

Stefanie Ott USA PA $5,021.96

Jeanine Nau USA PA $4,209.40

Rachel Cogan USA PA $3,663.91

Suzanne Dillinger USA NC $3,641.19

Ann Marie Phillips USA PA $3,266.83

Erin Kohrherr USA MD $3,216.75

Lara Daskivich USA PA $3,177.61

Beth Crawford USA PA $2,375.04

Kathryn Schaible USA FL $1,981.19

Julie Robenhymer USA NJ $1,700.00

Leigh Anne Hunt USA VA $1,635.80

Mary Adams USA NC $1,461.00

Amanda Herbert USA PA $1,209.00

Laura Dust USA NY $1,177.00

Lindsey Stookey USA VA $1,173.75

Bonnie Frain USA PA $1,070.51

Kristin Lawlor USA VA $1,030.00

Tara Gensler USA PR $968.25

Alexis Washnock USA PA $895.00

Chastin Scharfe USA VA $874.50

Kelly Greenawalt USA PA $833.00

Jennifer Broadway USA VA $798.25

Julie Weller USA PA $736.50

Stephanie Hammond USA NC $710.25

Courtney Johnk USA CA $705.00

Lauren Harrington USA VA $623.65


Erika Powell USA SC $515.00

Rachel Hyman USA VA $510.50

Beth Quartel USA NJ $505.75

Look Who Qualified New Stylists in May!

Stefanie Ott USA PA 1

Shannon Burgwald USA VA 1

Rachel Cogan USA PA 1

Suzanne Dillinger USA NC 1

Bonnie Frain USA PA 1

Erika Powell USA SC 1

Kathryn Schaible USA FL 1


Stefanie Ott USA PA Director

Shannon Burgwald USA VA Star Stylist

Suzanne Dillinger USA NC Star Stylist

Erika Powell USA SC Lead Stylist

Kathryn Schaible USA FL Lead Stylist