Taylor Bond, Saira Haque, Kayla Hale

Geographic Features/Agriculture

The Adrenne region of Champagne consists of four different departments: the Ardrennes, the Aube, the Marne, and the Haute-Marne. Flat lands and hills throughout for good agriculture.


Mostly food and drink production, Mellurgy, auto motives, textiles, ans mechanical engineering.

Popular attractions

Visit the Reims Cathedral, palace of tau, Abbey of st. Remi, etc.


Two of the most important festivals include The festival of the Champagne Route and the Festival of Joan of Arc.

The Festival of the Champagne a Route is held in a different region of Champagne every year. The attendees can buy a "flute passport" which allows them access into the participating vineyards for taste testing.

The Festival of Joan of Arc is held in the city where Joan of Arc brought Charles VII for his coronation. The festival consists of a bunch of mid-evil type markets that line up on the streets surrounding the Cathedral.