Coming to America Brochure

By: Joseph Hanna and Jonathan Williams

Responisibilitys of an American Citizen

America is the home of the free, but we still have responisibiltys for our country. Such as recycling, recycling helps keep our country clean. Helping others is also a very important service and responsibility towards our country. Military service is another imporatant service because with out soldiers our country woulden't be able to survive.

Duties To Our Country

We have many duties to our country such as paying taxes, serving in jury, and obeying the law. Paying taxes is important because we need it to pay police officers, military services, and some educational purposes. Serving in the jury if called is also important because judges need people to prove people accountable. And obeying the law is important because it keeps you and the people around you safe.

Rights We Have As American Citizens

We have many rights as america but being able to pick a political, we also have the right of being able to right to the newspaper editors, we also have the right that we are innocent until proven guilty.