Trisian and Isolde Literary Devices

by: Jacob Everhart

Definition - Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing - The definition of foreshadowing is when events earlier in a story predict whats going to happen in later events or the future.

Foreshadow #1

My first example is when Wictred sees Tristian putting the bracelet that hed made on Isolde's wrist.

This forshadows that eventually they both will get caught by someone that was watching.

Foreshadow #3

The last example is when Tristan is fighting in the tournament for Mark, so he can win him a wife and make him King.

We know the prize is Isolde and this foreshadows that something will occur between Isolde and Tristan.

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Definition - Flashback

Flashback - The definition of flashback is when a character thinks back to a past and later time that had importance and meant something to them.

Flashback #1

The first example of the flashback is when Mark and Isolde get married.

Tristan goes and sits under a tree and thinks about the things he had and the things that he had lost.

Flashback #2

The second example of a flashback is when Tristan tries to convince Mark to let him fight in the tournament.

He tries to convince him by telling Mark about the things he lost in the past and how he could retain them.

Flashback #3

The last flashback is in the end of the movie when Tristan is dying and Isolde is there to comfort him.

Isolde has the flashback to the time where she first found Tristan in Ireland on the beach, and that was where she saved him.

Foreshadow #2

The second example is when the Irish King brings his entire army to the crowning of King and Queen.

By this happening, people will be able to tell that something terribly bad will happen between them like a war.