iMathU 2016

Quarter 2 Highlights and Happenings

Technology Integration in the Kindergarten Math Classroom

The classroom teacher had taken screen shots of various pictures - classroom book shelf, playground, etc. The teacher recorded a contextual problem with each of pictures. The students accessed these contextual problems through the album the teacher created in the iPads. During workshop - independent work time students chose contextual problems to listen to, represent, and utilize their strategies: Retell, Make a Model/Act It Out, and Double Check.

Technology Integration in 2nd Grade Math Classrooms.

1. Students used Virtual Base Ten Blocks and ShowMe to represent their thinking of adding using what they know about place value.
2. During a collaborative planning session between the math specialist and classroom teacher, a QR code problem solving adventure was planned. Students had to locate their next problem from the answer to the previous problem. The problem was on chart paper for students to solve. Students then checked their answer by scanning the QR Code attached to the bottom of the chart paper problem. This answer was found on the top of a different poster - where students then worked to solve that problem.

Technology Integration in 3rd Grade Math Classrooms.

1. Teacher used iPads to facilitate student discussion where they were able to comparing and contrast student representations and mathematical notation captured in ShowMe.

2. iPads used to engage students in 3 Act Problem Solving Routine.

Technology Integration in Grade 4 Math Classroom

Students using the virtual 200 chart to discover patterns of multiples.

Technology Integration in Grade 5 Classrooms

1. 5th Graders using CueThink this quarter to engage in a problem solving through the Understand, Plan, Solve, Review components.

2. Students making iMovies to communicate and discuss using what they know about multiplication and place value to demonstrate their understanding of the U.S. standard algorithm for multiplication.

3. Students familiarizing themselves with mathematical communication, representation, and notation in PARCC equation editor resources- numbers only and numbers/words with multiplication problem.