21st Century Classrooms

Encouraging Critical Thinking & Creativity

What does the 21st Century learner look like?

Activities include:

  • Self-Assessment: Score from 0-5, your classroom, school, district on where they are on the 21st century continuum.
  • T-Chart: List characteristics of a "Then and Now" classroom.
  • Human Concept Map: One word to describe "What does a 21st century learner look like?" Group with like descriptions.
  • Classroom Scenarios: Read a lesson scenario and determine 21st century skills & themes presented.

Focus: Critical Thinking & Creativity

Critical Thinking


  • Top 5: Identify the characteristics of a critical thinker (individually, with a partner, whole group)
  • In the Top 5 activity, what critical thinking skills were used?
  • Enhancement of activity: Answer Garden, Linoit, Wordle, Wellwishers
  • How to Debate?: Debate video
  • Use Tricider for online debates

Shannon Brayboy

PSRC Curriculum Specialist

Purnell Swett High School