The Carbon Cycle

Coming Soon in 2016

Movie Description

The Carbon Cycle consists of the life of, Carl, the carbon molecule. As Carl ventures through what is known as the Carbon Cycle, he first encounters being released into the environment as carbon dioxide by his host, the consumer. Carl becomes the carbon dioxide that contributes to photosynthesis (when plants take sunlight and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen). Carl is then transformed into the plant’s source of energy, also releasing oxygen into the environment, providing the plant’s consumer its energy. As the consumer devours the plant, it breathes in oxygen, and exhales carbon dioxide into the environment once again causing Carl to venture on his journey through The Carbon Cycle.

Behind the Scenes (Extras):

As Carl was a young teenager, he was never consumed by a consumer but instead decomposed after his plant host died. This decomposition caused Carl to either be released into the environment as oxygen and/or stored as a source of fuel in the soil.

Directed by Tommy Shotton and Ellis Ferguson and Starring ...

Guaranteed a Breathtaking Experience!!!


"Five Stars! This movie was fantastic! I recommend The Carbon Cycle to any consumer questioning their meal's nutritious value. A+, I repeat, great job!" -Ollie the Oxygen Atom