Tuesday's Tech Tip

By: David Durnil

November 11, 2014 - Why don't you use Google Drive? Part IV -

This week's TTT deals with a final aspect of Google Docs: Google Slides

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Google Slides

Here are some neat aspects of Google Slides that I discovered on the internet:

  1. Store all presentations in one centralized location - the Cloud.
    You won't have to be concerned about ever losing a slideshow that you spent days creating. This also means that you can access them anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile device.
  2. Share slideshows with students and parents.
    With Google Slides you can share presentations instantaneously. Some say that it is easier to use and share than PowerPoint.
  3. Groups can modify presentations for collaboration activities.
    You can create group projects and assignments that are based around Google Slides to encourage your learners to interact and collaborate with their peers. Each learner is able to easily modify or add to the presentation via Google Slides.
  4. Download presentations to create printed learning materials.
    You can upload and download Google Slides presentations to PDF, PPT, or TXT formats.
  5. Embed your Google Slides presentations into your website.
    Google Slides can be embedded directly into your website provide students with a more meaningful experience.
  6. Insert YouTube videos to increase learner engagement.
    Google Slides has a video integration feature which you can use to insert YouTube videos into your presentations. As such, you can transform any slideshow into an interactive and engaging experience, without having to spend money on producing customized videos.

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