Shemariah's update

seriously an update this time ^_________^

My final decision.....

No farewell party on the 21st February...

I have decided to meet up with you guys individually or in small group, we can freely pick up a meet up date then...rather than on the 21st alone....

Reasons: I found myself fairly busy at this stage, couldn't cope with arranging farewell party, etc. I still have loads of reading to do before my completion of my final two assessments which due on the 12th February....also loads of packing to do right now.....still have loads of visiting to do like visiting my former schools, visiting my colleagues, etc. etc....

I don't want to be too bothered (worrying about the arrangement of farewell and all that stuffs) on the 21st Feb as I am flying off fairly early the next day....I will stop at Singapore for a short while before flying directly to Melbourne...will be arriving on the 23rd early morning like 6.20am. ^_____^

Special note:

Don't call me on 5165-8883 after the 4th February, I will use my sister's spare HK Sim for temporary contact, so remember to save this number on your mobile: 9642-0114 (call this number from 4-22 February, thank you).

About Shemariah

I might not be able to visit all of you .....God knows...

Please feel free to stay in touch with me in the future anyhow...

Please note that, from Feb till mid June, I will be in Melbourne, so the area code will not be 612, (612) is for Sydney....and 0478-711-574 is my mobile contact. I am also contactable on Skype, search for Shemariah Yeung, wechat ID: Shemariah

Here comes my latest update and my first half year plan of 2016 back in Australia...

Something to be thankful about:

- accommodation - yes in Melbourne (fairly reasonable rent; have good christian couple accompanying me in the flat - they are friends of my Sydney friend)

- church - yes in Melbourne, I've got the idea (the couples go to a nearby Baptist church), I will most likely be going to their church together, or else they suggested another Baptist which the worship style was fairly similar to Hillsong, I might go there as my 2nd service too if time allows.

- accommodation in Sydney, yes....negotiating rent now with my friend's mum, should be fine

- church - most likely Hillsong ^___^

First half year of my plan back in Australia?

- I will do my 2nd placement starting from the 12th April for 20 days in Melbourne, Primary school

- Return to Sydney in mid June getting ready for my 3rd placement in a kindy (on the 25th June till the 5th of August)

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1) safe trip most of all, less or no turbulence please, flying with Jetstar, an economical flight

2) adjust well with living with the christian couples, bless our understanding of each other

3) pick up quickly with the route of travelling from the house to Uni and school, don't get lost if possible

4) spend good time at uni for printing and stuffs, i can be very focussed whenever I am at uni

5) my heart and my mind will be prepared for the practicum on the 12th April, have wisdom and confidence, have favour with the supervisor and other teachers in the school

6) enjoy church and be involved and build up good friendship with others

7) find a good part time job during my free time, let me cope it well altogether with my studies (i will only take two units per semester from now) ..mind you I am not that multi-tasking, so I have to learn about it, and pray I can cope well!!

8) will enjoy Easter time in Melbourne

9) safe trip back to Sydney in mid June, able to grab some cheap flight back

10) will find favour with the rent negotiation in Sydney

11) from August and onwards - right now I am totally blank....depends on God's leading in fact, pray God will speak to me clearly where He wants me to be and He will provide me financially