Rocky Mountain National Park

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The Rocky National Park is 400 square miles of beautiful land. We have lots of nature like mountains rivers and streams. There are also lots of animals too.
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Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the far north of Colorado. This park is also near by the Great Sand Dunes National Park. You can also come to one of our rivers to fish. This National Park is very close to Washington state.

Fun Things To Do

Come to the Rocky Mountain National Park with your kids they can become a Jr. Ranger. We have allot of Mountains to hike including Mt. Elbert the tallest mountain in the park. There is also a Web Ranger challenge. There are trails to walk. The Long Peak trail leads to a city Lulu City.

Things To Know

Before you go to Rocky Mountain National Park we want you to know that people are starting to litter so we want to kindly ask you to please pick up your trash. We also don't have a bear warning. You pay $20 for a week to park your car. On special holidays you can either come in for free or pay 10$. Pets are not allowed on the trails but there allowed at the National Park.

Wildlife and Nature

We have lots of animals like the big horned sheep, moose, dear, and mule dear. Most of our park is nature, trees, plants, and animals. Some of our plants are the quaking aspen, ponderosa pine, Colorado blue spruce trees, and lodgepole pines. One of the parks butterflies called the Parnassian butterfly is a strong flier it can fly as high as 12,000 ft in the air.

Things To See

At this Rocky Mountain National Park you can see 400 sq. miles of beautiful land including animals, mountains, and plants. If you come here in the winter we can get up to 30 ft. of snow in one snow blizzard bring snow gear and warm clothes. You can also see beautiful rivers and waterfalls.


if you come in the winter bring a heavy jacket because it is going to be cold 35 degrees f. In the spring it is warm and cold it is also wet and dry so at least bring a light jacket. in the summer it is very hot it can get yup to 90 degrees but if you stay over night it's going to drop down to the low 40's. In the fall it's up to 50 degrees so you might want to bring a coat.
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Mountains, Trails, Rivers

This national park as a lot of mountains, waterfalls, and trails. Some of the mountains we have are Mt. Elbert and Baker Mountain. Some of the trails that we have are the Longs Pike trail witch leads to Lulu City. Some of the rivers we have are the Colorado river, the Arkansas River, the Gunnison River, and the South Platte River.

What To Do When You Get Here

If you come to our park you can do a lot of things. You can stay for the night and go camping. During the day you can hike, walk trails, kids can do a web ranger challenge, and you go view wildlife. The park is opened year round.


The Rocky Mountain National Park was named a National Park on January 25, 1915. 1,000,000's of years ago the park started out as a sea and over time it has been forming mountains filled in by clay sand and mud. Before the park was named a national park the Native Americans lived there and the would hike the trails trying to find animals to hunt.