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Professional Learning News: September 2015 - January 2016

A focus on Assessment & Evaluation

The staff has been working vigilantly at crafting meaningful Overarching Learning Goals and Success Criteria in curricular departments. By answering the questions:

  1. What should students KNOW and be able to DO by the end of the course? (identifies content & skills)
  2. How will students know they have learned?
  3. What triangulated evidence of learning and classroom learning experiences will meet the needs of our students to best demonstrate their learning?

Teachers also have been looking at how Report Card Comments are made easier with the use of Learning Goals and Success Criteria.

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Assessment App Pilot

Teamed up with ITRT Jason Richea, the Science Department is involved in the new Assessment and Evaluation App Pilot. The app will allow teachers to use technology to gather triangulated evidence of student learning (observations, conversations, products) that is in alignment with PDSB Assessment and Evaluation initiatives using Learning Maps.

Ontario Ministry Secondary School Support Initiative

Mathematics at the Forefront

SSI is a collaborative inquiry process where teachers use evidence based instructional strategies to improve student outcomes by predicted amounts.

This year the focus is on: Assessment For Learning

Lincoln Math teachers were grouped with schools also having VOC programs to deepen professional dialogue around best practices. Teachers collected data using a common Pre-Instructional Assessment Tool (PIAT) and engaged in moderation using Learning Goals and Success Criteria. After a greatest area of need was determine, teachers co-created a second task in the hopes of moving learners understanding up at least one level of understanding.

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Next Steps for LMASS...

#LMASSlearns - the Learning Goals Challenge for Students!

Students have been challenged to TWEET the Learning Goals they are working with in class. Each tweet goes into a draw for a box of donuts courtesy of the office. Bonus entries if the student can describe how the goal helps them connect with their learning. Check out the current thinking being made visible here.

Note: This initiative was inspired by our friends @GraydonHawks with their #GraydonGoals campaign

In this picture: LMASS teachers demonstrate #LincolnGRIT to craft learning goals in curricular teams from ministry documents during the Early Release day February 24, 2016. See the results of their work in the Padlet linked below. #LincolnGRIT inspired by TED talk linked below.

Sonya Rubio, Instructional Coach K-12


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