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Week of September 21st 2015

Important Classroom Dates

October 2nd - End of First nine weeks

October 5th - 9th - Fall Break

October 13th - 4-H famous person speech

October 15th - Report Cards Go Home

October 20th - Parent Conference Night - Letters coming soon...

October 26th - 29th - Red Ribbon Week

October 29th - Living Museum - Parent Night

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Please send in exact change, these are super helpful for field-trips!

What We Are Learning: click for extra practice

For Quick resources click on the links, for additional resources visit my webpage section, "weekly resources"

New News

We are now beginning Math Lab time and Reading Lab where we will apply our skills and have lessons on math and ELA topics in the computer lab. Students are very excited about it!!! Ask them to show you Edmodo!

Vocabulary Words


To brainstorm means to solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely.


Flattened means made flatter, or more level or smooth.


To act frantically means to act wildly excited due to worry or fear.


Muttered means spoken in a low, unclear way.


To be official means to be properly approved or authorized.


To be original means to do, make, or think of something new or different


Something can be called stale if it is old or not fresh.


  • Sign your student's agenda each night
  • Check Class Dojo to follow up on student behavior
  • Use Class Dojo to communicate with Mrs. Kennedy
  • If students want to improve assessment grades, they can sign up in class for a re-take to take the assessment again in the 9 weeks.


Language Homework - Complete on day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Night
Homework sheet

Math Homework - Complete on day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Night

Reading Homework - Read 15-20 minutes Monday - Thursday and fill in one square on your reading log nightly

Bonus columns can be completed on Wednesday night for extra practice and classroom points!! But, they are not required.

Assessments This Week - continued from last week