By: Merritt Beil period: 6

My Planet Mars

What is the period of rotation in earth days? 1 day and 39 min

What is the average distance from the sun? 227.9 million kilometers

What is the period of revolution in earth days? 1.88 years (687 earth days)

Does your planet have a moon? Yes mars has 2 moons names Phobos and Deimos

What is your planet made of? 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 2% argon

What are the temperatures on your planet? -189 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the location in relation to the sun? Mars is the 4th planet closest to the sun

Fun Facts!!!

  • Mars is names after the Roman god of war
  • It is nicknamed the red planet because of it red color
  • Mars has a diameter of 6805 kilometers
  • Earth has 85% more volume than mars
  • Olympus Mons Volcano is the highest mountain in the solar system and it is found on Mars
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