triumphs and tragedies


1968 was a hard time for all people the war of north Korea The trouble started with the Pueblo. It had been nearly 15 years since the Korean War between U.S.-led forces and the North. The Navy intelligence ship was monitoring North Korea from the Tsushima Strait, an ocean channel dividing Korea and Japan.
the deaths of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr The United States lost a Navy intelligence ship and two proponents of peace -- the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.Just as Robert F. Kennedy's campaign for the White House was gaining steam he was assassinated after delivering his California primary victory speech. Fresh on the heels of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination just months before April 4, Martin Luther King's assassination led to another wave of grief., the nation once again mourned the loss of a leader committed to civil rights. The card seen above was distributed at Kennedy's funeral.