Daisy Troop 2220

Next Meeting is Friday, December 11, 2015

Hi, Everyone. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. The girls' next meeting is coming up, so I wanted to provide some details on that and our last meeting. Please see below.

Thank you, Mrs. Markiewicz for helping out in November! I really appreciated you being there.

Previous Meeting: Honest & Fair - Please iron on two patches

Petal: At the last meeting the girl's earned their petal that represents being honest and fair. It is the light blue petal. After snack and the Girl Scout Promise, we started out with the story featuring Lupe, "A Fair Turn in the Flower Garden." It allowed us to introduce the idea of honesty and fairness through examples. Next, they played a game where they were presented with scenarios. For each they could run to a sign that said "Honest" or "Dishonest" depending on what they thought. You will be happy to hear they had this down :).

Fun Patch: At the meeting we did a very informal investiture. Each girl received their Daisy Pin which is intended to welcome them to the Girl Scout Family. In addition to the pin (already on) they also should have come home with an Investiture fun patch that goes on the back of their tunic. If this didn't make it home, let me know.

Next Meeting: Using Resources Wisely (Clover)

During the next meeting the we will read a story that relates to the topic -- either the story of Clover or The Lorax. There will be two activities. They will create one item for themselves and one to give to others.

1) Decorate reusable canvas bags for them to take home and use
2) Create snowflake ornaments to give to Horizon Bay for their tree as a thank you.

As always, please meet us on Horatio for pick up at 3:30.


It is almost that time. Our troop will be participating in cookie sales so the girls can earn money for the troop and learn some new skills. As a group, the girls need to decide what they would like to do with the funds. Typically, they go toward the end of year party or something similar. Additionally, they can go toward dues and activities next year and, ultimately, make the troop self sustaining.

I have been participating in a lot of training on cookie sales and am still trying to figure it all out. I know some of you have experience, so your ideas are always welcome!! Since this topic is so vast, I will be sending a separate note just about cookie sales. The first step is for you to look for the Family Guide that will go home with your child. In there is a permission slip. Please complete that and return it if you are OK with your daughter participating. Look for that book! More to come.

Key Dates

Dec 11: Next Troop Meeting
Jan 4 - 24: Cookie Pre-Sales
Jan 15: Troop Meeting
Feb 1: Online Cookie Sales Begin
Feb 12: Troop Meeting
Feb 19: Cookie Booth Sales Begin
Mar 4: Troop Meeting
Mar 6: Sweetheart Dance

Volunteer Schedule

Some of you asked for the volunteer schedule in case you could help someone else (i.e. supply the snacks) or fill in the blanks. Please see below.

October 9 - Amazing Daisy - Julie Norton
November 13 - Honest & Fair - Erin Markiewicz
December 11 - Using Resources Wisely - Julie Norton
January 15 - Considerate & Caring - Shannon Eichberg
February 12 - Make the World a Better Place - Whitney Henry
March 4 - Respect Others & Myself - Helen Hughes
April 15 - Friendly & Helpful - Carrie Gilbert Cavalino
May 13- Courageous & Strong - OPEN
June 3 - Party - TBD
Cookie Mom - OPEN


Stacy Bogle and Neely Jeckel