By Kolbe Klement


Christianity is the most popular and most followed religion in the world. Currently thirty percent of the world is Christian. It was started by the Jewish messiah named Jesus Christ. He lived a life of sacrifice and love and performed many miracles. He taught his followers about his father. He was crucified by the Romans because hey did not agree with his teachings. Three days after he died, he resurrected. He appeared to many of his followers, and through his power everyone began to follow this new religion, Christianity.

Christianity is monotheistic. Meaning that Christian believe in one God. They have two main holidays, Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the day Jesus was born. Easter is the day Jesus resurrected. The bible is the main book of Christianity. It consists of the Old Testament which is mainly the Jewish Old Testament and the New Testament which consists of story's from Jesus' life and afterward. Christians go to church every Sunday and pray daily.

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Judaism has has an origin of more than 3000 ago. It's roots were in the Bronze Age and were located in the Middle East. Many of their beliefs are the same as Christians. It is a monotheistic religion. The main place of worship is the synagogue. Their main book of teachings is the Torah. Their have many holidays such as Shabbat, Hanukkah, and Purim.

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Hinduism is the most prominent religion in India, and third largest in the world. It is a monotheistic religion that believes in a god, Vishnu, who's has many faces/forms. They believe in karma which essentially cause and effect. They also believe in reincarnation and rebirth. Their most famous texts are the Vedas. Most Hindus meditate daily. They have many holidays such as Diwali, the festival of life.

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Buddhism is the belief and practices based on the buddha's teachings. Buddha is a man who dedicated his life to meditation and simplicity. Buddhism does not have a god. Buddhavacana is the main book read by Buddhists. Buddha day or Vesak is the birthday of Buddha. Buddhists meditate in order to receive knowledge from the Buddha.

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Islam is the worship of their god Muhammad. Their teachings and beliefs come from the prophet Allah. It is a monotheistic religion. Muslims read the Quran which is their holy book. It is basically the word of god. Their are two denominations. They are the Sunnis and the Shias. They believe in many Christian character, but they consider them prophets. They pray five times a day through meditation and other rituals. They believe in resurrection a lot like the Christians?

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