Effects of Globalization

Kobe Wycklendt

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the process of interaction between people, companies, and government, driven by international trade.

Examples of Globalization...


With social media and information sharing becoming ever-present, American values have spread wide and far, as well as new values able to enter America.

International Trade

Globalization allows for the trading of all sorts of goods and services. Americans are able to import cars, food, and media they want, as well as export American goods that other countries want.
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Immigration and its Effect on Globalization...

The political, social, and economical values of America appeal to many. This means that lots of people come to the U.S leaving their original country. When this happens, the American values slightly change to incorporate the values of the immigrants. In some ways this can be positive, such as immigrants generating acceptance from people who originally disliked new races/ cultures. However, immigration can also negatively affect the American values. If immigrants cannot pay for themselves, the government is forced to step in and help which hurts the rest of the citizens.
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