'Clote Convo

September 2-6, 2019

Week at a Glance

Monday, September 2
  • No School Labor Day

Tuesday, September 3

  • School is Closed

Wednesday, September 4

  • College Colors Day
  • 8:00 Class of 2022 Meeting (Allison 3-158)
  • 8:15 Class of 2020 Meeting (Shutt 4-155)
  • Kona Ice!
  • 6:00 Student Council Induction

Thursday, September 5

  • 7:45 PLCs
  • 2nd Period Grades 11/12 MTSS
  • 5th Period Grades 9/10 MTSS

Friday, September 6

  • 7:45 Class of 2021 Meeting (Hunt 3-110)
  • 7:50 Calendar Meeting
  • Picture Day
  • 3rd Period ATP Drill
  • 7:30 Football vs HHS
  • $$ PAY DAY $$

PBIS Update

Shark Bucks

This past week you should have received Positive Referrals in your mailboxes. For people who are new, these are designed to recognize positive behavior in the school. Please remember to fill these out by Friday, September 13th. These get turned into your Grade Level Admin (9th Smith, 10th Caldwell, 11th Anges, 12th Beatty-Woodall) who will call home, recognize the student for their positive behavior, and select a group of students to participate in our first Principal’s Brunch on September 19th in the Shark Zone.

Next week, on Tuesday, we will be passing out Shark Bucks to your mailboxes. These will be color-coded based on what building you are in. Remember you can pass these out to any students who display positive behavior and REP the Sharks in the classroom or on campus. These should be given out based on your discretion, but this should be a weekly occurrence. On Friday, September 6th we will bring out the Shark Wheel for both lunches and there will be different items for students to win. Mrs. Kintzler’s classes are currently repainting our wheel to make it feel more at home here at Anclote. If you have any items you are willing to donate, or have some old Anclote gear, please consider donating to the effort to keep this running.

Staff Spotlight

Caroline Holloman

Mrs. Holloman teaches BIology at AHS. She is also excited to be a part of our Cambridge program as a leader in the role of Cambridge Coordinator. Be on the lookout for her at all things AHS spirit as she also organizes our Student Government and Science National Honor Society.

She recently finished her degree in Educational Administration! So proud of her!

In her free time, she enjoys enjoys her dogs first followed by a close second, her husband, Len. They go to many concerts (favorite bands include Vampire Weekend, Depeche Mode, and The Knocks). Many weekends are spent at Comic-Con events in the area. (See below for a great pic of Hollloman's little Millicent Gertrude (aka: Millie))

Favorite food is lobster.

Favorite TV show is Sienfeld.

Favorite part of AHS is being with the kids.

Big picture