Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 4.2.18

The Week at a Glance

Dear Parents and Community Members:

I hope you had a great Spring Break with your students. We are now in the full swing of the last quarter of school. Before you know it, we will be at the Promotion Ceremony. As wind up the school year, please be mindful of the following:

1. Communicate with your student's teacher/counselor if you have any concerns around academic and/or mental health issues. We are here to help!

2. On April 10th, there will be a Coffee with the Principal. We hope you will join us on this particular day as we will discuss the new mission statement of the school as well as updates on a variety of topics including lunch lines, shading structures, etc. We hope to see you at 8:30 AM in the library.

3. From April 9th to the 13th, we will be promoting safety week with a focus on key safety drills. We will alert the students and community about the nature of the drills. Our goal is to be ready in the event of an emergency.

4. From April 16th to May 11th, we will be involved in state testing. We will have more information for the students once we get back to school. We do encourage your students to bring their own headphones (cannot be wireless). We believe that testing is just one aspect of a holistic approach to reviewing student achievement data.

5. Our students did a phenomenal job with the national walkout day to address school violence. They were well-behaved and respectful.

6. If you are an 8th grade parent whose child will be attending Eastlake High School, don't miss out on Future Titan Night. See the flyer below.

7. If your student would like to report incidents of bullying, please have them see their counselor or AP or email them. There is also an anonymous bully box near the nurse's office where students can report incidents. We will work on a possible electronic system for the future. We want to make sure all students have a voice and know that they have adults who will intervene on their behalf or other students.

8. Save the Date: Promotion Ceremony (June 5th at 5:00 PM at Otay Ranch High School). There will be tickets distributed to all parents.

9. HELP! The Eastlake Education Foundation is sponsoring the Cycle Eastlake event coming up in May. The Eastlake Foundation is a great source of support for our school community. We hope you consider joining the ride, sponsoring the event or volunteering. See the flyers below.

Let's make the last 9 weeks of school a memorable one for all our students. As always, please contact me with any questions, concerns and/or comments. Your voice is valued at ELM!

Welcome Nathan Horner

Our New Assistant Principal

Mr. Horner joins the Eastlake Middle Administration after having served as the Coordinator of Intervention Services at Eastlake High School. He brings a wealth of talent as well as great enthusiasm for supporting our students. Please welcome Mr. Horner to the Eastlake family!
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Our New Mission and Core Beliefs!

We would like your feedback...

Please preview our Mission Statement that our Site Leadership Team helped to create. We are asking that you give us feedback as we modify it before we roll it out next year.


"The Eastlake Middle School community will provide a positive and safe school culture where each student is empowered to grow emotionally and develop academically leading to resiliency and life-long success."

Here is the link for the survey --> Mission Statement Survey

Core Beliefs

Teaching. We believe each teacher understands that they too can grow in their practice and thus engage and participate in productive collaboration regarding practice. Learning. We believe all students should be provided with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for college and career opportunities. We believe that each student should have access to a wide variety of support systems. Culture and Climate. The Eastlake Middle School community will promote an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

Community Connections. We believe parents and community members should be positive partners in the academic and social-emotional success of each student.

Triton Traits

1. Self-control

2. Grit


4. Growth Mindset

5. Gratitude

6. Purpose

7. Zest

8. Parent/Student Selection

Future Titans Night

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Cycle Eastlake

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Our Students in Action!

Student Dialogue on School Violence

Our students sent out a nice message to our fellow students and educators in Parkland, Florida. The students used their voices in a positive manner.
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Parents as Partners

Common Sense Media

We are looking into using more of Common Sense Media to help promote a safe use of the internet and to promote digital citizenship. This website provides invaluable information for parents. Please preview it. Also, I recently attended a great workshop on promoting parent-child relationships as it relates to responsible use of smartphones and other electronic items. I will share the information once we get more paperwork from the company. But, I do remember this from the workshop that you can do immediately -- There is nothing wrong with creating a contract with your child about expectations of phone usage.

Your Legacy

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