Campaign 6 Brochure Knowledge


It is already Campaign 6!?!? Wow!! In this opening, I want to draw your attention to Avon as a company!

The company that you are working with, investing your time and energy with, and the company that you love is celebrating 130 years in business! Considering all the fly by night direct selling companies that have been in and out in the past 130 years, Avon is still here and going strong because of representatives like YOU! Representatives do this to earn money for bills/their family, to learn about business, to have something to do in their spare time, and even because it was a tradition passed on in their family. Whatever your reason for joining Avon was, I THANK YOU, because YOU are the reason why I am here. I am PROUD of all of you and love hearing the amazing success stories that Avon has brought. YOU are the ones who call your leader or myself to tell us about someone YOU know that could use the benefits of being with Avon. YOU help us grow the company.

Avon was celebrated then and is celebrated now. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE AVON IN THE 50'S AND THEN IN MORE RECENT YEARS!

Avon Commercial 2

Campaign 6 brochure specials, highlights and upsells!

1. This campaign features products and styles available THEN (different times in the past) and NOW in the first 13 pages! Lowest prices ever on Rare Amethyst at $9.99 and Beyond Color Lipstick at $4.99. Spring limited edition Skin So Soft for $9.99 and more!

2. LOOKING FOR UPSELLS? Does your customer use makeup? Of course! So point out $3.99 makeup remover wipes on page 41 and lowest price this year pencils at $1.89 on the back cover! Is your customer male or do they have males living with them? There's 2 for $5 mix and match body powder, hair & body washes, and after shave conditioners on page 60! Finally, if they missed them before, pages 122-123 are 2 for $20 slippers. I recommend the ones on page 122 as they have a hard sole so I can take my dog out or pickup my mail from my mailbox in them.

3. Don't let customers breeze by the lowest price ever on Anew Age-Transforming Foundation, Compact, and Concealer on pages 32-37. These products are built to give customers a flawless look WHILE improving skin!

4. Want to SPEAK OUT AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? Show customers the 4 products on pages 128-129 which will include a donation to our Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program launched in 2004.

5. Last but not least, ask your customers, who is a lady in their life that they will need to buy a gift for in the next month. Easter? Birthday? Anniversary? Just to say thank you to hairdresser or nail tech? Why not point out the SIX PIECE GIFT SET on page 171. They will not find a better price on amazing quality products with a fresh, invigorating smell!



Please don’t delay. The submission deadline is February 29, 2016.

The 2016 Avon Scholarship Programs offer up to $400,000 in scholarships! Since the program began, more than $5 million has been awarded to more than 2800 recipients. And in 2016 we have increased the award amounts! Make 2016 the year you achieve your dreams - Click on the appropriate links below for applications and guidelines.

Avon Representative Scholarships awards scholarships of either $2,000 or $4,000

President’s Recognition Program Scholarships for Children and Grandchildren awards scholarships of up to $4,000

Need Inspiration?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT FROM LAST CAMPAIGN KNOWLEDGE, Watch Molly Stone-Bibb's Wired to Win Acceptance speech. She is a true inspiration to women and men, Avon and the power of hard work. It's a 13 minute investment of your time that can change your life. Feel free to share with new team members or anyone customers that you know/friends you have that could benefit from the Avon opportunity.
Molly's Wired to Win Speech

Sarah's Selling Tip - BUSINESS TOOLS and SUPPLIES

Avon is a business. You are running your own business! How awesome is that?! What's great about Avon is that your overhead, which is the cost to run your business, is very low! You are not required to have product on hand or or store to sell it from or parties that you MUST host. See the chart below for the most common business supplies you will need to run your business and their cost/product number! :)

I know sometimes you don't have enough customer orders every two weeks, but if you don't place an order, you may not have your BUSINESS TOOLS. So what if I told you that your business tools SHIP FOR FREE??

More and more, I am running into representatives that do not know that Avon is one of the ONLY direct selling companies that gives you an online store to sell from for free and also SHIPS BUSINESS SUPPLIES FOR FREE! Business supplies include the list I provided below and ALSO INCLUDES samples! If you have an order that is strictly business supplies, no product, simply call customer care at 513-551-2866 to get your shipping fee credited back!

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Your Chance to Win a Gorgeous New Mercedes (Campaigns 5-8/Trendsetter 7-10)!