Red River Newsletter

September 2019

Principal's Corner

This is one of my favorite times of the year as we start off the school year on a positive note and the freshman, Class of 2023, have been welcomed into our school community. We are looking forward to another excellent year as our faculty and staff continue to maintain high academic expectations for our students. A special emphasis will be placed on a growth mindset and the idea of developing grit and determination to use challenges to help students grow and learn. We also encourage students to participate in our outstanding extra-curricular activities including the fine arts, athletics, and student organizations to ensure a well-rounded education.

During the first couple weeks of the school year, Dr. Arason, Mr. Bina, and I will be visiting all of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students. We will review the rules and expectations of our Red River students regarding appropriate behavior in conjunction with our school mission statement of ”…educating all students in a safe and respectful environment.” Areas of emphasis will continue to be the acceptable use of technology, the detention policy, appropriate student behavior at extra-curricular activities, and the student dress code/personal appearance. (Parents please see a copy of the 2019-20 Code of Conduct below).

We want to invite all parents/guardians to visit our beautiful facility, and please visit with our faculty and staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding our academic or extracurricular activities. Early communication is essential to having a successful school year. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please stop by or call the school at (701) 746-2400.

Finally, please be sure to make note of the important upcoming dates below.

Thank you for your continued support of Red River High School.


Mr. Darin J. Walters

Associate Principal

Important Dates

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Parents may pre-oder their photos online at

Visit the website, choose "Red River" from the drop-down menu and enter the password: Prepay

Prepay orders are available until Picture Day, September 4th.

If you have issues with this process please contact Caulfield Studios at 701-746-0078.

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Red River Performing Arts Presents...


This year's theme, as selected by the students, is "Unleash The Red". The mindset behind the theme is that our school is filled with amazing people that are capable of doing so many amazing things. We also have over 50 years of history that is filled with success and excellence. It is now our turn to make history...the potential to accomplish this is within us's time to Unleash The Red!

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If you have purchased a 2018-19 yearbook, stop in the office to pick it up. If you did not and would still like to buy one, we have a few extra available for $55 payable to GFPS.

GFPS PowerSchool Mobile App Sign In Information

-Make sure the user is logged out of PS Mobile App

-From the sign in screen, in the top portion, tap District Code

-Tap "Where's My District Code?"

-Select Enter Server Address

-In Server Address, enter:

-It will ask if the school is located in No

-Login and the user should see the correct data

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