Snapshot - 21st Century Learning

2014 - Term 2


Big Universe Reading Resources - An exciting resource! Online reading books which you may view online or add to your bookshelf. This library of books covers a variety of genres.

Persuasive Activities - Video clips to engage students in exposition writing, a Webquest activity and a PETA resource.

Writing Prompts - New prompts created by Angela Punz, Steph Westwood, Lizzie Chase.

Learning To Look - Teachers are provided with questions to enable their students to look critically and more closely at illustrations.

Visualising Interactive - S1

Inferring - A few video clips, in a handy location, to use to teach inference.

Compare and Contrast resources and Predicting resources.

Character Analysis - A few new resources.

Procedure Writing - Engaging You Tubes plus a How To Blow A Bubble stimulus.

Speaking Resource - Spot The Difference activity.

Margin Prompts - A valuable idea sourced from Mrs McNamara's EALD World.

Writing Idea - Use the online Newspaper Creator to create newspapers, brochures etc.

Punctuation Resources - New resource on Commas, Contractions (Contraction Surgery, which is lots of fun), Basic Spelling Rules.

Narrative Writing - Lizzie Chase has shared another one of her exemplary resources. Plus there is a Narrative Writing slide show, an interactive of the Elements Of A Story.

Retelling Stories - Make Retelling Bracelets - Create a bracelet using a green bead for the beginning, a red bead for the ending and 3 or more other beads for the middle. As children retell a story thye slide a bead from left to right for the beginning and then another bead for each story component.

Differentiating Reading - resource.

Grammar - A new look as a result of a makeover!

A few new resources including an idea for "What Does The Fox Say?" song and the "Amulet" comics. Plus the Differentiating Grammar resource.

Spelling - Differentiating Spelling resource and the Explicit Teaching of Spelling resource.

Writing - An idea for "Wings of Fire" and Amulet Comics. The Reading and Writing Indpendent Tasks created by Lizzie Chase. The "Write Source" which includes a variety of topics, all arranged by grade level, plus student examples to show your class.

2014 Book Week Awards - Only a few resources but I plan to continue to add others.

Literacy In The Playground - Ideas galore.

Debating and Public Speaking - A new resource page has been added to Snapshot.

The Three Little Pigs - Readers Theatre

2 Fairy Tale Resources

New Units

New Units - All units are located on the homepage of AC Units - A Snapshot website.

Early Stage 1 - Lettice, Getting Along, I Am Not You Friend.

Stage 1 - Around The World, Ripper Readers.

Stage 2 - Grandad's Gifts, Two Sides, Neighbours, Words To Unite Us, Stories To Units Us, Taking Care of The World, Sylvester and The Magic Pebble, Australia.

Stage 3 - Global Footprints, Neighboours, Global People, People Place Language, The Great Bear, Light.

Units were developed by Chris Fraser, Leanne Williamson, Ryan Noonan and the Diocese of Cairns


Learn Your Tables - Online learning, located in the Multiplication section of this page.

3D Pyramids

Moving Students On - SA Education Dept. have created this resource.

New resources in Number-Algebra and Measurement-Geometry.

You may find something new also in Statistics-Probability and Working Mathematically


Coding - Exciting resources to teach coding to your students.

iPad Set Up

WPS Technology Team - Fiona Arthurson has created this excellent website for Wallsend PS. Fiona provides inofrmation on ET4L, which covers ET4L Management, UDM - Universal Desktop Management, ET4L Posters etc. "Technical Stuff" such as Tips and Tricks, Intranet URLs from home, Hubs and Switches, i Devices and more.

iPad Set Up - Fiona Arthurson. Also "check out" the unique ipad storage ideas.

Apps - a few new ones. My list is the "beginners list" and ones I like to use.

Adobe Connect - The How To Join ADOBE Connects. Great PL.

Step by step instructions for accessing DET urls from home

Inspiring Class Websites, Blogs and Teacher Sites - New inspiring additions : )

Zamzar - Online file converter.


Primary Connections - 31 free units to download!

Wombats - Resources

Early Career Teachers

Debbie Ross Webinars - New topics - Teaching Number, Behaviour Management, Programming and the New English Syllabus. Debbie's Webinars are valuable PL for all teachers and ideal for Stage Meetings and Whole School Staff Meetings.

Corinne Campbell's "About Teaching" website is an excellent! Very informative.

Topics Covered - Policy and Politics, PL, Managing Workloads and Stress, Casual Teacher Advice and more.

Other Resources

ANZAC Day Resources - A wide variety of resources. I have included a link to the War Memorial's digitalised WW1 Diaries.

EALD - 2 new resources have been added.

2009 NAPLAN resource and Maths Work Sample Portfolios - SA at satisfactory level.

Linking Assessment, Teaching and Learning - A WA document

Continuums - 2 new resources - Maths Continuum Grid - SA and Starting Points for plotting students along the continuum.

Aboriginal Histories and Culture - History of Aboriginal Sydney which is an excellent resource. Free Aboriginal pictures to colour, the story of The Brolga and new You Tube Dreaming Stories.

Fun Brain Breaks - Fun fun fun.

Australian Made - Online teachers' resource.

NFB Interactive - An evolving collection of innovative, interactive stories exploring the world from Canadian points of view.

Australia - New resources.

Fake Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Power Points - Created by Steph Westwood. A great resource to edit and adapt for your class.

WALT-WILF-TIB - Steph Westwood has created another amazing resource!

Online Professional Learning

E Learning - Links to the online Anaphylaxis, Emergency Care training